YMCA St. Louis Lawsuit: Two Men Sue Over Alleged Swimming Instructor Molestation

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The plaintiffs believe the instructor may have assaulted other boys.

And the suit implicates the organization, saying that "the swimming instructor was allowed unlimited access to juvenile boys, with the aid of Defendant YMCA."

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It says: "The actions of the perpetrator swimming instructor were outrageous and utterly repugnant to a civilized society."

The petition says that both continue to suffer great pain and distress and were prevented -- and will continue to be prevented -- from performing their daily activities and enjoying life.

The suit is asking for a jury trial and calling for officials to "award [them] compensatory and punitive damages in favor of the plaintiffs against Defendant for damages sustained as a result of the wrongdoing of the Defendant."

Chackes says that he and his clients want to see the organization track down the suspect.

"We hope that the YMCA will know who they employed as swimming instructors at that time...and maybe a name will sound familiar to our clients or their family members," he says. "We'll be asking...if they have any knowledge of complaints by a swimming instructor doing any of the things led to the abuse.... Maybe they had some complaints of behavior like this."

Officials with the YMCA of Greater St. Louis sent Daily RFT this statement and would not comment further.

The YMCA of Greater St. Louis had no previous knowledge of these claims before today's public announcement. We have not been served with a copy of the lawsuit. While we will not comment on pending litigation, our top priority is the safety and security of our members and program participants.

Continue for a full version of the lawsuit, filed this week in the Circuit Court of St. Louis County.

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