Police: Intoxicated "Ice Cream Junkie" Steals Church Desserts, Found Covered in Ice Cream

andrew jung mug.jpg
Andrew Jung, a.k.a., the "Ice Cream Junkie"
The evidence was on his face and clothing.

St. Charles resident Andrew Steven Jung, 24, apparently had such a craving for ice cream -- and was so very intoxicated -- that he decided to break into a church to find some dessert. Unfortunately for Jung, it seems he did not steal any napkins, making it pretty easy to connect him to the crime when he was found wandering three blocks away from the church -- covered in ice cream.

His explanation to police? He's an "ice-cream junkie."

The Post-Dispatch reports that Jung is now facing three felony charges after he smashed in a glass door to the kitchen at St. Peter's Catholic Church on First Capitol Drive earlier this month.

He is accused of burglary, stealing and property damage.

church st charles.jpg
Best ice-cream shop in St. Charles?

Accidentally leaving ice cream on his face and clothing was allegedly not the only clumsy part of his intoxicated church break-in. Police say that he also left his baseball cap behind at the scene of the crime. He told police that he did have a baseball cap matching the description of the one found at the church but didn't remember leaving it there, the P-D says. And he explained that he was an "ice-cream junkie."

As if Jung's intoxicated ice-cream break-in wasn't strange enough, court records show that he pleaded guilty to a 2010 burglary -- which the daily notes was also at a church.

It's unclear whether his ice-cream addiction played a role in that robbery.

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Michael Allen
Michael Allen

Church deserts, you say? Did he steal the second S?

Jessica Morse McClelland
Jessica Morse McClelland

Okay - if his sweet tooth was that bad - well, don't you think the church should forgive him and give him seconds?

Ethan D. Kemper
Ethan D. Kemper

absurd, perhaps. he's definitely the most inspiring.

Victoria Osborne
Victoria Osborne

thanks. I was going to ask which desert he stole, the Sahara or Palm? :)

Riverfront Times
Riverfront Times

Thanks for the edits, ya'll. We too caught the typo in our headline and fixed it on our site. Unfortunately, Facebook defaults to whatever was initially published.

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