Brian Nieves V. United Nations: Why is Missouri GOP Worried About Sustainable Development?

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What's the government up to this time?
Why are GOP lawmakers in Missouri worried about a 1992 United Nations agreement that the U.S signed alongside hundreds of other nations? Because they say have proof that this non-binding Agenda 21, a sustainable development effort, poses a serious threat to Missouri residents in 2013.

"One of the goals of Agenda 21 is not so covertly -- it's almost completely overt -- and that is to control land and decrease the ability for people to have ownership over private land," Republican State Senator Brian Nieves said at a Senate committee hearing last week. Nieves was speaking about his Senate Bill 265 that would prohibit government from recommending policies that are traceable to the U.N agreement and infringe on private property rights.

Is this a legitimate cause, or, as critics say, a paranoid waste of time?

Let's take a look at the evidence Nieves presented last week.

He presented information from a group called Sovereignty International, which, as its website says, "focuses on threats to national sovereignty in public policies." The organization does research on the rise of "global governance" and has concerns about this so-called "global warming," citing work from an individual who talks about the "climate of fear" and the "global warming scam."

The document Nieves handed out at his committee, full version on view below, was titled, "Sustainable Development Or Sustainable Freedom?" and comes from a group called Freedom21, with support from the Sovereignty International group.

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Brian Nieves

Why should we be afraid of sustainable development? The report says:

Comprehensive master plans often establish "urban boundary zones" beyond which municipal services such as water, sewer, fire, and police protection are not provided. One of the primary functions of these comprehensive master plans is to create "sustainable communities."


[S]ustainable communities are the result of deliberate, top-down government management of local communities. There is no other way to explain the fact that virtually every county's comprehensive master plan contains the same elements, the same goals, the same processes, all of which are spelled out in Agenda 21.... These comprehensive master plans often bring more than development prohibitions and higher taxes. These plans bring detailed restrictions on human activity.

Continue for more details on the legislation and a video of last week's testimony.

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Private property rights and pwnership is the conrnerstone of a productive civilized society. I applaud Nieves efforts in uphplding the constitution of Missouri and the United States against the UN pwoer grab.

Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson

Agenda 21 was signed by G.H. Bush, the last decent GOP president.

David B Fowler
David B Fowler

It's u.n. throw them out, sell building, stop paying dues, stop supporting them

Beau Pinkerton
Beau Pinkerton

I think MO should start drug testing the congressmen. The level of paranoia and unusual behavior amongst the lawmakers is frightening.

Randall OftheFamily Dedert
Randall OftheFamily Dedert

Agenda 21, codex alimentarius, tell the UN and their population control to get the fuck out of Missouri.


This just makes me sad, in more ways then one.

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