Concealed Carry Lawsuit Says Missouri Officials Are Violating Privacy Rights of Gun Owners

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Eric Griffin, a Stoddard County resident, applied to get a concealed-carry permit in Missouri because he didn't want to miss the opportunity.

"His initial motivation...was fear that he wouldn't be able to get one in the future," his attorney Russell Oliver tells Daily RFT. "He's not a big gun nut.... It was out of concern for protecting this right."

But what he uncovered, Oliver alleges in a new lawsuit, is that Stoddard officials, in with the Missouri Department of Revenue, are violating the privacy rights of gun owners by requesting and collecting personal information during this process. How?

The lawsuit, full version on view below, says that Griffin fulfilled all legal requirements and approvals to obtain his official "concealed carry endorsement" before he went to the Stoddard County License Bureau to finish the process by updating his driver's license. There, the lawsuit says, a "fee office agent" told him that on behalf of the Missouri Department of Revenue, it was required that the entire permit application -- his birth certificate and residency documents, such as utility bills -- be scanned into the department's system.

He would not be allowed to receive his concealed carry endorsement unless he let officials scan those personal documents, the suit says.

"Number one -- this is a violation of privacy," says Oliver. "But you are also adding an additional hurdle for something this person has a statutory right to.... My client has done everything he was supposed to to get this permit."

The argument is that under Missouri law, the revenue department is specifically prohibited from "collecting or retaining" any personal information in these processes.

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Peter Kinder

Since the suit was filed on Monday, it has gotten some attention from outside of the state, with some news outlets saying the Department of Revenue may be compiling data on concealed carry holders and forwarding it to a company with ties to the government. Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has spoken out in favor of the lawsuit, too -- and staged a press conference this week to express his support. He said in a statement:

This case has issues of statewide importance implicating serious privacy concerns for law-abiding citizens. These folks have followed the letter of the law and been approved for concealed carry by the proper authorities. They must not be required to share that information with any third parties or the federal government.

Continue for more from Russell Oliver and for the full lawsuit.

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jo ann10
jo ann10

A conservative group called United for Missouri put a TV and radio ad together.United for Missouri has bought $400,000 worth of airtime to falsely warn people that the Department of Revenue is "collecting personal information on gun owners and sending it to the Obama administration."  There's the magical word - "Obama administration."  Why would an organization want to point a finger at the Obama administration and not Congress - the people obligated to make the laws.  Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder press release claims that this case has issues of statewide importance implicating serious privacy concerns. Fear mongering to the Republican extremist is the only thing this case represents.     


Umm, its like a background check, why has this case not been thrown out for being insanely stupid yet?  Let me guess, he also wants everyone to have a photo ID to vote too?  

Come on Missouri!  I was born there, so stop being stupid!


It hasn't been thrown out and a temporary restraining order has been issued because it's not stupid.  If the state required those documents by law for a CCW than that would be their prerogative and there would be no problem.  The state does not and the DOR has no basis of authority to ask private citizens for more any more than an auto dealer would require a copy of your birth certificate to be on file to buy a car.

I find it interesting that you were born here but don't live here anymore.  Where do you currently reside?  I'm sure many of us that watch this site would have endless fun making fun of your newly adopted state the way you make fun of your native one.  As far as I'm concerned, MO didn't lose much when you moved.



So, Eric Griffin “uncovered” that his privacy was being violated?

Didn’t he read the STATED REQUIREMENTS on the Missouri Concealed Carry Permit web site?


1. Apply in writing with your city or county sheriff. (Must be 23 years old)

2. Submit written application, certificate of training and $100.

3. Present DL or Military ID.

4. Six month residency unless military exception applies.

5. Once approved, must sign certificate at sheriff’s office.

6. After picking up, must take certificate to DMV w/in 7 days.

7. DMV will place an endorsement on a DL or state ID.

Required Documents:

1. Completed Application

2. Photocopy of a firearms safety training certificate

3. Driver’s License or Military ID with orders.

4. Nonrefundable Fee of $100

5. Sheriff will fingerprint applicant.

I find it interesting that you profess to ‘know’ what the CCP requirements are while you really don’t know a thing about them.

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