David Gordon: 7th Ward Opponents Slam Green Party Aldermen Candidate As Closet Tea Partier

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David Brent Gordon
With the primary elections in St. Louis past, there's been very little talk about the upcoming general election next week -- especially when it comes to the local board of aldermen races. In the Seventh Ward, however, the long-time incumbent Alderwoman Phyllis Young has a Green Party opponent who is running a real campaign.

Only problem is, he's a Tea Partier in disguise. At least those are the allegations of the Seventh Ward Independent Democrats, which has accused candidate David Brent Gordon of not really being a Green Party guy -- and has also filed ethics complaints against him related to campaign finance.

"I'll put my alderwoman up against anybody when it comes to green issues," Seventh Ward Democratic Committeewoman Marie Ceselski tells Daily RFT. "But there's nothing Green Party about this guy."

Gordon's campaign, however, says the Tea Party accusations are wrong and unfounded -- and says they have responded to and addressed all finance complaints.

Ceselski says she is trying to spread the word about the opponent's Tea Party background, so that voters know the truth about him:

Her only concrete proof, however, about his Tea Party ties appears to be a bunch of likes on Gordon's Facebook page, which is private. Those likes, which are visible, include Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, the St. Louis Tea Party, etc. Here's a screenshot:

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via Facebook

"He's flying below the radar," says Ceselski. "But you don't want to underestimate anybody."

She says that his campaign website makes very little mention of Green Party issues, beyond very basic talking points.

"It's word salad," she says.

And Ceselski has also filed complaints against him with the Missouri Ethics Commission, saying his campaign has made a series of errors -- not properly disclosing the treasurer's name on printed materials, failing to file required reports, failing to report receipts and failing to report expenditures.

Continue for the rebuttal from the Gordon campaign.

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When Mr. Gordon filed to run in this election, a Board of Elections staffer gave him a package of information regarding his responsibilities relating to Missouri's ethics laws. He signed for having received that package. Mr. Gordon either ignored the contents of the ethics package or he did not have the mental agility to comprehend their meaning.

Mr. Gordon's campaign finance problems have not been resolved. He filed some reports. They are a mess. Additional complaints will be filed with MEC.


This guy is a clown. Rumor has it he called Phyllis Young asking her how to run and what her duties are. His campaign is rhetoric any St. Louis resident could tell you (more police, end homelessness, dwindling population, yadda yadda). What are these plans he can bring to the table to fix all our problems? "Implement the bill cutting alderm[e]n to 14". Oh you mean the prized bill that your opponent brought to life last election? I'm all for seeing a fresh face in the 7th ward, but they have to bring fresh ideas. And to say that Young's camp is "scrambling" is laughable. I'd like to hear her take on all this. I imagine for someone who has been unopposed for so long, this is the best soft pitch she could hope to get.


Oh heaven forbid there's any opposition.  He'll get my vote.


DUH.  Everybody knows that the only way to win office is by being a Democrat.  The city could use new blood in the legislative process. 

Slay is a closet republican.  Are you going to report that?  STLToday sure won't.  They are his mouthpiece just like the AP is Obama's

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