Photos: Top Ten Worst St. Louis Crimes in February, 2013

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February may be the shortest month of the year, but in the St. Louis metro area, the month was not short on crime. Within city limits, there have now been a total of twenty homicides in 2013 -- and some notable incidents of violent crime over the last thirty days.

Here at Daily RFT, we try to closely catalogue crime plaguing the city -- and have for you today a grim roundup of the worst cases of the last month. Our list also comes one day before the mayoral primary election in St. Louis -- a heated race in which crime has been a central point of debate.

10. The Sex Toy Thief

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Michael Stout, 19, sneaks into people's private homes when they aren't there and steals very bizarre things, including women's clothing, used feminine hygiene products, sex toys -- and more. At least those are the findings of Warren County police, who were able to track down Stout and arrest him after a 16-year-old girl came home early from school and found him in her bathroom.

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9. Violent "Disagreement" at MetroLink Station

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Charles Campbell, 33, and Akira Edmonds, 24, spent a Tuesday night last month hanging out -- and ended up at the Laclede's Landing MetroLink station at the end of the evening.

After some sort of "disagreement," police say Edmonds fired shots at his acquaintance -- who was found dead on the platform a short while later.

Continue for more St. Louis crimes in February 2013.

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