Gina Loudon: Duty as "Culture Warrior" Led Her to Reality Show Wife Swap

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Gina Loudon prayed for opportunity like Wife Swap.
Former St. Louis Tea Party mainstay Gina Loudon is defending her appearance on the ABC's Wife Swap.

In the current season of the reality show, Loudon (who now lives in San Diego where she hosts an AM radio show) swaps lives with a New Jersey woman with an open marriage. Last week Loudon told her new TV hubby just what she thinks of his sinful relationship with his wife and live-in girlfriend. (She does NOT approve.)

Also last week, Loudon told her fans (and critics) why she thought Wife Swap was a good idea. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with maintaining her B-list celebrity and everything to do with suiting up in the "full armor of God."

Explains Loudon:

"I came to California to engage in the culture war. People can speculate as to why I came to California. But my motivation was -- and I had prayed for this -- was to be able to engage on the front lines of the culture wars because I have children who are precious and who I want to have a free country to grow up in. So my question back to those who question why I would do this is, why would I not do this? Any time I have a platform, I'm going to take the opportunity to fight for what I believe in...

"You can't very well call yourself a cultural warrior and then be afraid to take part in the battle. Conservatives understand that this is a spiritual battle. ...

"I might be wrong. I leave that out there. I'm not always right. Not all my decisions are right. But I would have rather have taken a risk and failed than to have sat on the sidelines when given a platform. I hope in the very least I can encourage other conservatives to answer the call and put on the full armor of God (because trust me, it is a war) and to fight when you have a chance."

Continue on to read more outtakes of Loudon defending her appearance on the show and to view a video of Loudon discussing Wife Swap.

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grahamccollins1 topcommenter

She let's her 17 year old daughter get banged by Manny from Scarface. Dude's like 60 years old. Just let that sink in.


Uhh, yeah, I lived next door to these folks for a few years. They are EXACTLY as they were portrayed. John gave me the willies, and would just walk in our home without knocking, guess he thought being our state rep gave him unlawful entry rights. Gina was the nicest sweetest fakest person you'd ever want to meet. Their kids however, were great, and it's sad to see them brainwashed so spectacularly. If living next to us didn't open their minds, no one could.


I just watched this episode of Wife Swap. Typical teabaggers....thump a Bible.. then become a coward when confronted with someone who disagrees with your preaching. WHAT A COWARD BOTH THE WIFE AND THE HUSBAND FOR NOT FULFILLING THEIR COMMITMENT TO THE SHOW. Even their older children can see the hypocrisy their parents spew. You can just tell the oldest daughter was humiliated by the whole experience.

Marc Seleman
Marc Seleman

I'm sure her husband wouldn't mind swapping her out either.

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