Green Parking Lot in Works for Delmar Loop

tivoli parking lot 2.jpg
The parking lot east of the Tivoli Theatre is scheduled to reopen next month.
Workers are halfway finished with construction of a permeable parking lot in the Delmar Loop. The lot, adjacent to the Tivoli Theatre, mirrors a similar "green" parking lot University City installed on Kingsland and Loop South in 2009.

Megan Fuller, a project manager for University City, tells Daily RFT that the municipality considered repaving the original asphalt lot, but in the end chose a more environmental route.

U. City's other "green" lot near the post office on Kingsland Avenue.
"[The city] decided that it was advantageous for us to spend a little bit more money and go green," says Fuller. The lot is expected to cost the city around $200,000.

Permeable parking lots, made up of individual pavers, are typically more expensive to install than regular concrete or asphalt parking lots. But Fuller says over time the lot will be more cost effective because it will require less maintenance and should be easier to repair.

The pavers have the added benefit of allowing rain water to seep underground, instead of flowing into the sewer system through storm drains. By collecting the rainwater beneath the lot, this "green" lot could reduce flooding and contamination to nearby water sources.

Parking will remain paid (metered) when the Delmar lot reopens next month.

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