Godfrey Man Under Influence of Cocaine, Pot, Alcohol, Anxiety Meds in Fatal Crash, Police Say

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jacob fickle mug.jpg
Madison County Sheriff's Office
Jacob Fickle, under the influence of...a lot.
When Godfrey, Illinois, resident Jacob Fickle drove his car into a home, killing a 73-year-old man inside, police say he was under the influence of cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and an anxiety prescription called Alprazolam.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office offered new details this week in the January fatal crash -- in which Fickle, 24, forcefully took a car from a family member, drove it straight into a nearby house and then fled on foot to a pub parking lot, where authorities finally located him. He was charged with leaving the scene of the deadly accident as well as misdemeanor domestic battery for the fight with his family.

But with forensic results revealing drugs in his system at the time of the incident, Fickle is facing new, more serious charges this week.

It didn't help that he was also driving with a revoked license.

The sheriff's office says that on January 13 around 10:42 p.m, officials responded to a 911 call for a disturbance at a Mercury Drive home in Godfrey -- and when they arrived they found out that Fickle had battered two of his family members and grabbed the keys to the vehicle in question.

As deputies were conducting an investigation at this home, another 911 call came in about a crash in the same neighborhood on an intersecting street. When officials arrived, they found the vehicle that had been taken -- but Fickle was nowhere in sight.

And when Godfrey fire-department officials checked the residence, they found Marlin Bushnell, 73, had died from the force of the crash, officials say.


About an hour later, Fickle was found in the parking lot of a bar called the Beer Barrel Pub, where he was taken into custody.

Continue for details on his new charges, a video on the accident and the full report.

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