Jamilah Nasheed for Francis Slay: Vote Jimmie Matthews if You Don't Like the White Mayor

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Lewis Reed
Tomorrow is the primary election for mayor of St. Louis -- and the campaigns of the two frontrunners are falling apart. At least that seems to be the message of both the Lewis Reed and Francis Slay campaigns, who are today fighting about a Facebook post from State Senator Jamilah Nasheed.

Nasheed, a vocal surrogate for Slay's re-election bid, posted on Facebook: "If you don't like Slay because he is white-vote for [Jimmie] Matthews because Reed is no different than Slay!" Nasheed was referring to the third Democratic candidate who has not accepted campaign donations and who some have argued is a so-called "stalking horse" in the race -- there to take away black votes from Reed as a boost to Slay.

"Make no mistake about it -- this is not about no stalking horse," Nasheed tells Daily RFT in a follow-up interview. "I don't believe Jimmie Matthews will get three votes."

What do the Reed and Slay camps think?

Here's a screengrab of the Facebook post, sent to us by a Reed staffer:

Jamilah Nasheed facebook post.jpg

The Reed camp says the comment is proof that the Slay campaign is promoting the third candidate in hopes that he will take votes away from Reed, president of the Board of Aldermen (a claim which Slay's team says is absurd; see response below).

"They're just desperate," Glenn Burleigh, campaign manager for Reed, tells Daily RFT. "The number one rule of the stalking horse candidate...is you don't talk about the stalking horse candidate."

He says, "From a campaigner standpoint...Slay's messaging machine is just in complete disarray.... None of it is coherent anymore."

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Sam Levin
Jimmie Matthews speaks as Francis Slay and Lewis Reed listen at a debate in January.

And he adds of Nasheed's comment, "The Slay campaign has been playing the race card in this from day one.... This is just a huge misstep. This is the kind of thing that only happens when people are desperate and making moves without thinking."

Tom Shepard, Reed's chief of staff -- who originally sent us the Facebook post -- adds: "It's quite clear and quite evident that this is the Slay political operation."

Continue for response from the Slay campaign and from Jamilah Nasheed.

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Allison Benoit
Allison Benoit

Wish Jeannette Mott Oxford had beat her in the primary. So disappointing. Although I doubt Nasheed is wrong. There probably are people who will vote that way.

Mary Miller Cullins
Mary Miller Cullins

She is nothing but a disappointment,,,,but I think most north side residents see through her crap. She was calling Slay a racist 4 years ago, she needs to look in the mirror.

Mark Swain
Mark Swain

Nasheed is useless as a senator, She refuses to answer emails and has no desire to serve the public, Her election was the biggest mistake. Cant wait to vore her out. We vote these people in to serve the public and this woman has no desire to serve our district or the people. She is useless and a total waste

Christopher Harrison
Christopher Harrison

I generally try pretty hard to evaluate candidates on their platform without looking at their face (so to speak) - I don't care what race or gender a politician is, I care about what they're going to do. At the same time, I'm a strong believer in term limits for EVERY elected official, and I think 12 years as Mayor is enough. Since Reed appears to be the candidate who can beat Slay (he's the only one Mayor Slay's campaign literature in my mailbox has mentioned), he's the one I'll vote for...Fairly straightforward for me.

Ethan D. Kemper
Ethan D. Kemper

It could have been worse. She could have referred to Slay as a 'White Devil'.


"Lewis Reed is by far the more progressive candidate. No question about that."

Right, so naturally his goal will be to pump up every possible tax, fee, and assessment on individuals and businesses. 

JamesMadison topcommenter

@st_louis63104 , the issue not whether you like Reed or not. It is whether people are trying to divert attention and sway their negative voters to vote for a lesser likely candidate.

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