Jamond Carter: St. Louis Break-In, Attempted Rape Leads to Kidnapping, Burglary Charges

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Jamond Carter, 18
It may seem hard to believe, but there is news of yet another home invasion in St. Louis this week -- and this one, based on official reports, might be the worst.

Jamond Carter, 18, is accused of burglary, robbery, kidnapping and more after he allegedly broke into a St. Louis Avenue home and threatened the residents, including a 41-year-old mother, her 20-year-old daughter -- and her four very young grandchildren.

Reports of this home invasion come one day after suspects reportedly used a handgun to hit a woman, who was holding her infant grandchild, before they robbed her at her home. A day before that, a St. Louis resident shot at a drunk man allegedly trying to break into his place.

Police say that just after midnight on Monday, Carter, who lives on the 1100 block of St. Louis Avenue where the incident took place, entered an apartment with another unknown male. The 20-year-old female resident was downstairs and her mother and four children -- ages one, three, four and six -- were upstairs.

Carter and his accomplice were both armed with handguns and snatched her cell phone and credit card. Then they asked her for her pin.

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When Carter left to withdraw cash using the card, the second suspect stayed behind and allegedly tried to rape the 20-year-old woman. Police say he was unsuccessful.

When Carter came back, he returned the card to the victim and both of them fled. No one was injured, according to police officials, who located the weapon after a canvass of the area. The Post-Dispatch says that the other five residents witnessed the robbery but weren't hurt.

Carter is facing charges of robbery, burglary, six counts of kidnapping, seven counts of armed criminal action and four counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Here's the full incident report from SLMPD.

Incident: Burglary 1st, Robbery 1st, Felonious Restraint, Attempt Rape
Location: 1100 block of St Louis Ave.
Dates/Times: 3/11/2013 @ 00:01
Victim #1: 20-year old black female
Victim #2: 4-year old black female
Victim #3: 6-year old black male
Victim #4: 3-year old black female
Victim #5: 1-year old black male
Victim #6: 41-year old black female
Suspect #1: Jamond Carter, 18-year old black male of the 1100 block of St. Louis
Suspect #2: unknown black male
Victim #1 stated the above suspects entered her apartment. Her four children and mother, Victim #6, were upstairs in the house. Both suspects were armed with handguns and robbed her of her cell phone and her credit card and asked her for her PIN. While Suspect #1 left to withdraw cash using the card, Suspect # 2 stayed in the home and attempted to rape Victim #1 but was unsuccessful. When Suspect #1 returned, he returned the card to Victim #1 and both suspects fled. There were no injuries. Canvass of area located the weapon. The investigation is ongoing.

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Timothy Colmey
Timothy Colmey

Hopefully nobody has to worry about this guy for the next 20 years...

Lynn Pevey
Lynn Pevey

I understand he's 18 and legally an adult but if I were his mother I'd beat the ever loving snot out of the punk. What is wrong with these teens that are robbing, murdering, and raping others?? There's a switch of conscience that has been turned off in these kids and someone (especially their parents) need to turn it back on. This is just ridiculous and completely out of hand!

Patrick Shaw
Patrick Shaw

Terrible crime but I'm I the only one shocked that the 20 yr old has 4 children?


The most shocking part of the story is the woman who has 4 kids and is only 20 years old! WTF


@Patrick Shaw  Not shocked at all as this has become a generational thing. Why would they ever consider working when the government will pay them to spawn kids? These people are a drain to the system and are a blight on society!!


@IDontThinkShesMormon  She just gets mo money from the gubberment! Her momma taught her how to work the system and I'm sure she will teach hers how to work it. I for one am tired of paying for these people. Time for forced sterilizatin if you want gubberment aide!!!

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