Violence at Laclede's Landing: Kyle Roberts, 28, Stabbed to Death, Another Critically Shot

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There's been another homicide at Laclede's Landing.

In February, some sort of "disagreement" between two acquaintances turned violent, and Charles Campbell, 33, was shot and killed -- found dead at the Laclede's Landing MetroLink station.

Now, less than one month later, it appears that there's been yet another fatality at the same site -- and this one happend one day after a shooting in the area.

What's the cause of so much violence at this location?

There are little details so far in the incidents of violence at Laclede's this past weekend -- though it would appear that they are unrelated.

Police say that Kyle Roberts, 28, a resident of Sorento, Illinois "exchanged words" with a man around 2 a.m., before he was stabbed to death in the 100 block of Laclede's Landing Boulevard.

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He was allegedly stabbed once in the neck and pronounced dead at a hospital. The suspect fled and the investigation is ongoing.

Less than 24 hours earlier, a 3 a.m. shooting Saturday morning left one individual in critical but stable condition at a nearby hospital. Police say this victim was shot in the arm as he was trying to flee in a car, after a fight at the 600 block of North Second Street.

In that case, the Post-Dispatch reports, a suspect was taken into custody.

Roberts is the 23rd homicide victim in St. Louis this year.

Here are the two incident reports on Laclede's violence over the weekend.

Incident: Assault 1st /ACA
Location: 600 block of N 2nd
Date/Time: 03/09/13 @ 02:56
Victim #1: 22-year old white male
Victim #2: 23-year old white male
Victim #3: 19-year old white male
Victim #4: 24-year old white female
Victim #5: 24-year old white female
Suspect: 31-year old white male
The suspect was involved in a fight with one of the male victims. The suspect retrieved a gun and began firing at the victims. Victim's #1, #2 and #3 were driving off the lot when they drove into the path of the bullets being fired by the suspect. Victim #1, the front seat passenger, was shot once in the upper left arm.The victims drove to an area hospital where Victim #1 was treated and is listed in critical/stable condition. Victim's #4 and #5 were seated in their car, parked near the original incident, when they observed the suspect fire several gun shots. The roof and back window of their car was struck by gun fire. Officers working department supplemental patrol responded from two blocks away and were able to take the suspect into custody. The suspect's gun was recovered. The investigation is ongoing.... Warrants were refused due to lack of victim/witness cooperation.
Incident: Homicide
Location: 100 block of Lacledes Landing Blvd.
Date/Time: 03/10/13 @ 01:50
Victim: Kyle Roberts, a 28-year old male of the 1200 block of Old Ripley Road, Sorento, IL
Suspect: Black male early to mid 20's, light complexion
The victim and suspect where engaged in a verbal confrontation when the suspect stabbed the victim. The victim was stabbed once in the neck. He was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. The suspect fled the scene. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS. Callers may be eligible for a cash reward up to $1000. All calls are anonymous.

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egolterman topcommenter

Part of the cause is that news guys and gals have  organisms when a sporting  event comes to town and they beam their sound bites from the Landing 'come on down'. And guess what? That is an 'open' invitation. It is not restrictive in any way. "All" are invited to 'come on down'.

The other cause is an incompetened director of public safety and a polce department-300 officers short.

Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas

because the ghetto link makes the landing more accessible and it also makes for easier escapes

Philip Nations
Philip Nations

What's funny is I don't even know anyone that lives in the city and really goes there. Honestly. Even the 20s crowd. Landing is tourists, if you will.

Thee Lovingcup
Thee Lovingcup

The Landing has always been the place to go drink underage

Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley

A lot of thick headed people in their early twenties that can't hold their liquor, and bartenders that don't cut them off until they're on the ground.

Craig Stevens
Craig Stevens

I think it's because it is located in St Louis

Lois Giles
Lois Giles

It used to not be shady down there when Mississippi nights and Kennedys were still open and the music scene was slammin. after that it all went to shit and I wouldnt so much as spit on the Landing now.

Thee Lovingcup
Thee Lovingcup

All 22-24 yr olds mostly. The Landing lost relevance when Mississippi Nights was torn down to make way for a soul-less casino.

Karla Terhark
Karla Terhark

We used to go down there a lot, tried to go w/a big group after an event@the four seasons last fall and it was much different, very sketchy, didn't feel comfortable like we used to, its a shame, this historic district w/nice river views has much potential

Bart Cohn
Bart Cohn

It's always been shady down there. My grandma, who was a lifelong St. Louisan before she died last year, told me it was "bad" down there even when she was a little girl.

egolterman topcommenter

@Phil Nations And they are targets, until they stop coming.

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