Lewis Reed V. Francis Slay: In Final Stretch of Race, Challenger Tries to Focus Back on Crime

Unsurprisingly, the platform statements have gotten a lot less attention than some of the more headline-grabbing campaign fights -- several surrounding questionable anti-Slay material, promoted by Reed supporters not directly affiliated with the campaign. Reed has also tried to gain traction by pushing a string of alleged Slay scandals, including a controversial water contract, a labor dispute and an alleged pay-to-play scheme.

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Sam Levin
Lewis Reed

And Slay's camp has attacked Reed for accepting significant donations from a convicted felon and relying on out-of-state supporters.

The latest fundraising dollars show Slay has maintained a large financial advantage. The mayor's most recent filing says he has raised a total of $3,363,056.31 over the course of the campaign. Reed, on the other hand, has raised a total of only $626,439.17.

And over the last two weeks, Slay's city office unveiled a new kind of hot-spot policing plan for targeted crime reduction along with a long-term plan to "end chronic homelessness" in the City of St. Louis.

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Slay Campaign
The mayor at a recent fundraiser.

Additionally, the mayor's office yesterday rolled out the city's first "sustainability plan." A release says:

Commissioned by Mayor Francis Slay, the plan has three purposes: first, to make our City cleaner, safer, healthier, with less waste of energy and natural resources; second, to attract knowledge workers and others who want more-sustainable spaces and neighborhoods; and third, to make life better and easier for all of the City's citizens.

The plan, which includes a "260-page library of ideas," outlined priorities for implementation -- over the next five years.

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