Lewis Reed Says He'll Run for Mayor Again As Supporters Lament Another Francis Slay Term

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lewis reed, mary entrup.jpg
Sam Levin
Lewis Reed and his wife Mary Entrup.
At around 10:30 p.m. last night inside the Carpenters Hall on Hampton Avenue, a smiling Francis Slay appeared on two large monitors flanked by "Reed for Mayor" signs. The audio of the mayor's victory speech, airing live on KTVI (Channel 2), was muted inside the large room, where loud music continued to blast as supporters of Lewis Reed learned -- in a somewhat odd fashion -- that their candidate had officially lost.

Reed, president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, was nowhere in sight. A few shuffled out, but most moved toward the front of the room and watched Slay's silent speech.

"The city's not ready for change," said Kathy Entrup, Reed's sister-in-law, as she waited in the crowd. "The city is complacent."

"He'll try again," another supporter mumbled. After about five minutes, Reed finally emerged with his teary wife and campaign team by his side.

"I did not want to leave any of you waiting any longer for us to come down," Reed told the crowd, explaining that he was trying to get in touch with Slay on the phone -- but was having trouble reaching him. "I'll tell you what, we ran a hell of a race!"

Slay speech, Reed party.JPG
Sam Levin
Reed supporters watch Slay's victory speech live.

It was a slightly awkward opener to the concession speech (as televisions in the room for some reason began to broadcast distracting background noise), but the crowd gave him a loud cheer. Meanwhile Slay, at a gathering downtown, began celebrating his primary victory -- and his virtually certain path to an unprecedented fourth term that comes with the win.

By the end of the night, results showed that Slay, who maintained a large fundraising advantage throughout the race, had a comfortable 54.43 to 44.27 percent lead over his opponent. In a primary race that seemed to get increasingly petty and contentious each passing week, it appears Reed ultimately didn't give the incumbent too close of an election. Assuming he gets more votes than a Green Party candidate, Slay will officially step up to yet another term after the April general election.

"Our message of 'One St. Louis' -- although we didn't prevail and we weren't successful in a win tonight -- what we have done is raise the consciousness of this city," Reed said in his late-night speech. "We know we can do better.... Sometimes it may not be about the win. It may be about the path."

Lewis Reed concession 1.JPG
Sam Levin
Lewis Reed during his concession speech.

He said, "Can you imagine how quickly we can change St. Louis with just the people in this room?"

Toward the end of the eleven-minute speech, he added, "We're gonna build a stronger, safer, more unified St. Louis whether we occupy Room 200 or not."

Eventually, though, he will. Or at least he'll try. After his speech, Reed told Daily RFT that he'll run for mayor again -- for sure.

Continue for more from Lewis Reed and more photos.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

One would think the Democrats own the mayor office in Saint Louis. To all the Reed supporters that dislike Slay, vote for the GOP candidate in the real election. Send the message to the Democrat bosses, you will not vote blindly for their chosen puppet.


As a Republican in a very Democratic city, I have to vote for the lesser of evils of the Democratic candidates every election or stay home. I have to say, Mayor Slay has done a fine job as mayor, especially since the city is so racially divided.  As far as Reed, he ran a racist campaign - that slave kissing Slay's fee by the Arch was way beyond the pale. (Of course he blamed it on someone else.) So, Mr. Mayor I wish you another good term in office. Now it's time for you to get behind the proposed legislation to decriminalize marijuana!!!! Remember, weed will be with us forever, just like STD's and crooked politicans.

Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon

Not at all. He is a terrible speaker. You have to be able to communicate your ideas to the masses to have any chance at winning an election.

Patty Lager
Patty Lager

I am NOT surprised that I don'tgive a rat's ass

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