Fired For Being Gay: New Missouri Website Promotes Nondiscrimination Bills, GOP Support

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Republican Rep. Anne Zerr expresses support for non-discrimination bill.
LGBT advocates in Missouri launched a website today designed to promote anti-discrimination bills at the legislature -- and the support these proposals are now getting from a select group of Republican lawmakers.

Progress Missouri and PROMO, the statewide gay rights group, chose a clear message:

"Our goal is very simple -- to raise awareness...that you can be fired in Missouri for being gay," Sean Soendker Nicholson, Progress Missouri executive director, tells Daily RFT. "We don't have basic anti-discrimination protections."

Will the measures at the Capitol be successful this year?

The proposals in question are House Bill 615 and Senate Bill 96. If passed, these measures would formally prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations. Ten Missouri cities have these kinds of ordinances in place and 21 states across the country have passed similar laws.

The concept has been introduced for several years in Missouri, but this is the first time it's getting noteworthy Republican support, Nicholson says.

fired for being gay screenshot.jpg
Screenshot of new website.

"The list of co-sponsors continues to grow dramatically," he says.

At this point, there are five Republican co-sponsors of the measures, which have not yet gotten hearings in the House or the Senate.

Still, Nicholson says, "People are pretty optimistic for passage."

He adds of current laws lacking these protections, "People are appalled."

Here's a video from Republican Representative Anne Zerr expressing her support.

Continue for more from on and the Republican supporters.

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James Madison
James Madison

I have an idea. Let's fire people who feel they must talk about their sexuality in the workplace.

Robert Barquero
Robert Barquero

Termination should be only based on poor job performance and rule/law violations. You should read up on the Story when Time Magazine Fired Jack Griffin for being Christian. Time basically stated he didn't mix well with the rest of the editorial board. No outrage here, so sad.

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

all this will do is make it harder for gay people to get a job.

Peggy Keller
Peggy Keller

Aside from being the right thing to do, If Missouri wants to get any of the major companies to locate/relocate there, they need to pass this. Most of the most successful US businesses (google, amz, apple, Deere, etc) have no -discrimination policies are are promoting equal rights for gay workers and even backing gay marriage as good business. It would send a message that Missouri is not quite as backwards as some recent press stories make it seem.

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