Maplewood Car Theft Leads to Dramatic Ride As Victim Jumps in Truck, Gets Trapped in Vehicle

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Maplewood Walmart
What do you do if you see a thief driving away with your truck?

If you're this Maplewood resident, you chase the vehicle on foot -- and jump inside.

Such was the case with a theft-turned-wild-ride yesterday, in which a robbery victim at the Maplewood Commons shopping center went on what sounds like a horrible drive with a young man trying to steal his car, police say.

"It was a very dangerous situation for the victim," Maplewood Police Sgt. Matt Nighbor tells Daily RFT. "He was shaken up."

Did the victim get his truck back?

Nope -- but he did sustain some minor injuries.

At around 12:20 p.m. yesterday, an unknown suspect, believed to be about age 22, stole a maroon Sierra extended cab from the shopping center parking lot while the unnamed victim was still inside a store, police say.

But he was apparently close behind.

stolen vehicle image 1.jpg
Maplewood Police
Model of the stolen vehicle (not the one that was stolen).

When the victim exited the business and walked toward the vehicle, he noticed this truck leaving the lot.

So he began chasing the vehicle on foot as it reportedly circled the parking lot.

"When the vehicle stopped, the victim jumped into the bed of his stolen vehicle," police say.

The suspect began driving north on Hanley Road and then east on Highway 40. The victim, in an attempted effort to get the suspect to stop driving, broke out the back window of his truck, but the suspect continued on Highway 40 "at high rates of speed creating a dangerous situation to the victim trapped in the bed of the vehicle."

Eventually, the suspect slowed down and stopped on the shoulder of eastbound Highway 40; at this point, the suspect allegedly exited the vehicle and the victim got out of the back of the truck.

Continue for more on yesterday's theft and the full news report.

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This is why people should carry guns, the victim would of shot that lil reggin and the deal would of been done, no 30k a years prison sentance or anything. just a dead useless crimanl.


How did they know the thief was born in Africa??

Vicki Satterthwaite
Vicki Satterthwaite

I probably would have done the same thing. Don't mess with my stuff!!!

Rachel Roach
Rachel Roach

Theres a surprise waiting for a thief in my truck...thats if they even get in it...wink,wink..

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