Man Allegedly Attacks Girlfriend Over "Like" on Facebook, Searches Body for Cheating Evidence

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Marcus O'Neal, 28.
Springfield resident Marcus O'Neal's jealousy erupted this month -- allegedly over a Facebook "like" of his girlfriend.

O'Neal, 28, is accused of shutting his windows so neighbors wouldn't hear the screams of his girlfriend -- or the cries of four children forced to watch as he attacked her.

And that is apparently not the worst part of the allegations against O'Neal, who is now facing three counts of domestic assault charges.

The woman nearly blacked out at one point during the abuse, and O'Neal stripped her of her clothes and "inspected for signs of infidelity," court documents say, according to the
Springfield News-Leader.

The paper says that he became violent after seeing his girlfriend had liked a photo on Facebook of a female friend posing with a man who made him jealous:

The woman pleaded that she had no interest in the man but O'Neal slapped her in the face, according to court documents.

From the hallway, she tried make a break for the bathroom and lock the door. But, according to the documents, O'Neal grabbed her, picked her up by the neck and carried to the bedroom.

He turned to the kids and said their mother was cheating on him; he called her a "whore," according to the documents.

In the bedroom, police say, O'Neal slapped her again.

After that, the children allegedly begged that he would stop -- but he threatened to kill her and their grandmother.

The man was arrested and is incarcerated in Greene County Jail with a $25,000 bond set.

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how did this piece of sh*t attacking his girlfriend over some bullsh*t turn political? some people have mush in between their ears....i'm totally convinced.


I wanna date this I can beat his @$$ and leave him on the side of the road like the mud he is.

James Madison
James Madison

can a libertarian be right wing? World's Smallest Political Quiz: Libertarians are no more right-wing than they are left-wing. It is just that the prototypical low informational left winger think anyone who disagrees with any of their positions is a right wing extremist. so prototypical of those knee jerk liberals.

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

did i mention any race? make a racial slur? please explain to me, how "hope and change" is racist?

Jason King
Jason King

"prototypical right-wing apologist libertarian" Dude, that's deserving a bumper sticker in and of itself.

Josh Goodman
Josh Goodman

David you still upset the Catholic Church turned you down in your pedo ways?

DoucheMcGee topcommenter

Luckily for Marcus he won't have to worry about being jealous or that his girlfriend might be cheating on him when he's sitting in jail with a cockmeat sandwich in his mouth.

Doug Hammerstroem
Doug Hammerstroem

If anything, she was outright taunting him. She should have known the poor man would not be able to handle the surge in emotions.

David J. McCutcheon
David J. McCutcheon

Esteban is a racist. Now watch him get all worked up with his NOBAMA hashtags and bumper sticker patriotism like a prototypical right-wing apologist libertarian. Sigh, boring.

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