Missouri's Top Ten Most Common Porn Search Terms

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porn md.jpg
What do we like to be shown in the Show-Me state?
Why did PornMD break down the ten most commonly searched porn terms for each U.S. state? We don't know. Does anybody need this information? Most people do not.

Then again, here's one way to feel better about clicking through here -- think of it as anthropological data. This porn website did go to medical school, after all.

At any rate, if you enjoy getting offended, here's your warning to move right along.

To be honest, Missouri's favorite terms lack the specificity of other states. California: Likes Asians. In a bunch of the Southern states "ebony" is the top term. In Alaska, they're pretty wild about someone named "Lisa Ann."

Here's what all you kinksters here in the Show-Me state are asking to be shown:

Porn md MO.jpg

Things get much weirder outside of the U.S. (ahem, SOUTH KOREA). It's actually a pretty fascinating tool -- Check it out here.

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