25 Years for Attacker: "People Have the Right to Walk Down the Street and Not Be Strangled"

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muhammed watson mug.jpg
Muhammed Watson.
On a Sunday morning in May of 2011, Muhammed Watson approached a young woman on her way to get coffee in the Central West End.

"Don't say a word," he told her as he started choking her. Eventually, she was unconscious.

This is the horrific scene that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce describes in her announcement that Watson, 38, has finally been sentenced.

And the judge had a harsh response to Watson's plea for leniency.

The Circuit Attorney's Office posted a lengthy message on Facebook yesterday outlining Watson's criminal record and his sentencing to 25 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Watson has been in and out of prison since the early '90s, the office reports. This includes conviction for assault, drugs, burglary, robbery and possession of a weapon in a correctional facility.

The latest and seemingly most gruesome offense was the May 2011 incident in which he attacked a random woman on her way to get coffee.

When that woman came to, she was lying on the sidewalk, the Circuit Attorney's Office says. Her phone and money were gone. She ran to a nearby coffee shop and called the police there.

Jennifer Joyce 560.jpg
via Facebook
Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce

Because she offered such a detailed description, police were able to locate Watson near St. Louis Children's Hospital just half an hour later, officials say. He had her stolen items on him.

He pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery in January.

Officials say the victim submitted a letter to the judge explaining the impact that this crime had on her sense of safety; members of the general public also attended the sentencing in support of this victim.

"Watson's crime impacted not only the victim, but the entire community," the Circuit Attorney's Office says.

Watson had tried to make a case for leniency, but Circuit Court Judge John Garvey sentenced him to 25 years.

"People have the right to walk down the street and not be strangled," the judge said. "They just do."

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DoucheMcGee topcommenter

Based on his criminal record it sounds like 25 years isn't enough.

Tony Merklin
Tony Merklin

Now there's a Fuckin' Road Scholar, just look at his Mug......probably has Rabbis.

Christine O'Neill
Christine O'Neill

Esteban, that "statistic" that you are sharing is an empty conservative talking point. It's based on raw number of crimes, not per capita crimes, so it's no surprise that the most populous state in the country would also have a higher number of crimes. Also, as we've seen to be the case with international data, having a higher (or lower) number of reported crimes doesn't necessarily equate to a higher (or low) number of actual crimes committed. Often how crimes are treated by law enforcement is a factor in whether or not a crime is reported.

Jesse Speaks Jr
Jesse Speaks Jr

Well Mr. Watson I read the entire article, I even read the police report. Mr. Watson, I think you are quite an abominable human being, a true scoundrel. I applaud the police department, great work officers. In closing, I will vote for the Honorable Judge John Garvey, we need more men of honor like this judge is.


Thank you Jennifer Joyce and farewell Mr. Shitbag.  Although I'm sure this derelict has some kids to follow in his esteemed footsteps.

Diane Randazzo
Diane Randazzo

Estebaban, maybe if prisons would have more room for violent offenders if republicans were so eager to lock up non-violent offenders to feed their never ending greed to profit from prisoners by keeping jails paked. The prison industry complex is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States and its investors are on Wall Street. Prisons are a multimillion-dollar industry - thx to repubs! Get informed.

Timothy Colmey
Timothy Colmey

Too bad we don't have the right to walk down the street without fear of the police stopping to harrass and threaten us for no reason. The police treat everyone they see like criminals. The SLPD needs to have their asses sued a few times and maybe things will change.

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

"What do "Liberals" have to do with anything?" they are soft on crime. california, the most liberal state in america, has the highest amount of rapes.

Mark Swain
Mark Swain

Good, another pice of crap off the streets. Thanks Judge Garvey


@Tony Merklin Rhodes Scholar? And the article didn't read anything about him being Jewish but I guess anything is possible with those zany Rabbis.

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