Rick Nadeau: St. Louis-Area Taxidermist Featured on AMC's New Show "Immortalized"

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rick nadeau.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Nadeau poses with one of his creations for a 2009 RFT feature story.
Fame can be a tough nut to crack for a taxidermist. That is unless you're someone like Rick Nadeau, a man who specializes in mounting squirrels dressed up like little rodent cowboys, soldiers, chefs, you name it. Nadeau boast on his website that he can "mount any squirrel in just about any position or style you would like."

Here at Riverfront Times we fell in love with Nadeau and his unusual "rogue taxidermy" back in 2009 when we featured him in a cover story titled (what else?) "Mount My Squirrel."

And apparently we are not the only media outlet that has fallen for the squirrelly artist from southwestern Illinois. Tomorrow night (March 14, 9 p.m. CST) Nadeau appears on AMC's taxidermy-themed reality show, Immortalized.

Unfamiliar with the show's concept? Think Iron Chef but instead of participants being given a secret ingredient with which to make a fabulous gourmet dish, they are given a theme (as well as a budget and a deadline), which they must represent through the art of taxidermy. Participants on the show are then matched up with one of the show's four resident expert taxidermists to compete head to head for bragging rights.

Here is 30-second promo for the show:

Nadeau tells Daily RFT that the invite to appear on Immortalized caught him off guard when it arrived last September. He'd never heard of the show, though he was eager to compete. For tomorrow's episode the show's producers asked Nadeau to create a work that fit the theme of "love and war."

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