Robbery: Grandmother Attacked While Holding Infant, Suspect Found By Dumpster, Police Say

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A 49-year-old woman holding her infant grandchild was walking into her North Kingshighway home when three men approached her and forced their way inside.

St. Louis metro police say that one of the suspects struck her in the head with his handgun -- and then grabbed her purse, which had cash in it.

A short while later, officers arrested a fifteen-year-old suspect who was found lurking by a trash dumpster near the home.

What about the other two perpetrators?

The remaining two male suspects are unknown at this time, police say.

The incident comes one day after a reportedly drunk intruder was shot by a St. Louis resident whose home he was allegedly trying to burglarize. And there have been several high-profile home invasions in the city over the last month, including one instance of a resident shooting and killing a teen burglar.

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Last night at around 1:30 a.m at the 5300 block of North Kingshighway, the 49-year-old female victim was approached by the three male suspects who forced her inside, police say.

After she was allegedly assaulted and robbed, police got a call for a suspicious person standing by a nearby Dumpster -- which is how they ended up nabbing the fifteen-year-old suspect, who is now in custody.

The victim identified him.

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She was taken in an ambulance to the hospital and was in stable condition.

Here's the full alert from SLMPD.

Incident: Robbery 1st, Burglary 1st

Location: 5300 block of N. Kingshighway

Date/Time: 03/14/13 @ 00:35

Victim: 49-year old black female
Suspect: 15-year old black male, 2 unknown black males
While walking into her home holding her infant grandchild, the victim was approached by three black males and forced inside. The victim was struck in the head by one of the suspects with a handgun and robbed of her purse containing cash. Officers responded and received a call regarding a suspicious person standing by a trash dumpster near the home. Officers located and arrested the above suspect and he was positively identified by the victim. The investigation is ongoing.

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Jill Bales
Jill Bales

I can't get my CCW soon enough...

Steve Hatfalvi
Steve Hatfalvi

Definitely the work of another crack baby all growed up.

KeshKat Knk
KeshKat Knk

They should beat his 15-year old A**

KeshKat Knk
KeshKat Knk

This is such a sad state, is Operation Bright Side still around. My husband worked for them at 15 and earned money!!! Why is that people want to take instead of working to earn things!

Jason Bristow
Jason Bristow

I can't take this seriously with that gun in the photo...

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