Ballwin Man Fires Shots At Random Cars on Highway Because He "Had An Urge," Police Say

Sepid Salem mug.jpg
Sepid Salem, 59, can't control his urges?
Sometimes people just have urges they cannot control. Like shooting people. Random people on the highway.

You know that feeling? No? Well, apparently, Ballwin resident Sepid Majid Salem had that classic, irresistible must-shoot-at-strangers-driving-in-their-cars-right-now urge this week -- and acted upon it.

The 59-year-old man, according to a probable-cause statement, told the woman he was traveling with on Sunday, "I have an urge." He then stopped at a shoulder on Interstate-44 in Pulaski County, near Devil's Elbow. He began firing.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that the man is in jail after a presumably scared witness noticed the shooting, according to the Associated Press, which quotes an official reiterating the fact that, yep, he "had an urge."

Online arrest records confirm that he was arrested on Sunday and taken to the Phelps County jail, ans he's facing felony charges of first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon and first-degree property damage.

KSPR reports that no one was injured but that one of the shots did go through a sleeper berth in a semi-trailer truck, which was fortuitously equipped with a camera and recorded the incident. Prosecutors reportedly are reviewing the footage.

He is accused of firing four to five shots.

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jealousblues1 topcommenter

its a shame those cars didn't have guns or they could have stopped this

Meg Walsh
Meg Walsh

Proof that there are crazies in the county too!

DoucheMcGee topcommenter

He should've shot himself in the face if he wanted to shoot at someone.This is guy is too stupid to live.

Brian Blood
Brian Blood

make that f'er dance old west style and when he ask's "why" ? Tell him " I had an Urge" and repeat that for the rest of his life.


@Esteban Mainzer lol Estaban. that sounds strikingly familiar to the Dan White "Twinkie Defense", and diminishes responsibility on the part of the shooter. to be fair to objectivity however, I think there should be more in depth analysis done on him to determine what caused the event. He's 59 years old so he is in the age range where he could be experiencing the early stages of dementia. I'm curious whether or not he has any priors, or has displayed violent behaviors in the past. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

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