The First Weekend of Spring in St. Louis Will Be Ruined By Snow

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Spring is officially here! And with it comes forecasts of five to eight inches of snow in St. Louis.

So instead of giving you Daily RFT's planned ode to spring in St. Louis, we direct you you dear readers to our 20 Reasons to Love Winter in St. Louis, because apparently Mother Nature is not ready to move on. (Side note, this could be the most snow on any day in the last week of March in more than 60 years!)

So brace yourselves, St. Louis. Or choose denial. Sometimes the experts are wrong, right?

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The National Weather Service folks say it will be gross and rainy Saturday afternoon and night, but then the colder airs will come and the rain will become snow around midnight. It will then "continue through much of the day on Sunday." Great.

In honor of the untimely snow, we give you the best unhappy Tweets today and, for funsies, a video look back at the February snow storm that caused citywide chaos.

Happy Friday!

Continue for some snow videos to get you in the mood for Sunday.

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James Madison
James Madison

Snow does not ruin a weekend. Idiots ruin the weekend. The rest of us will enjoy the weekend no matter the weather - something we cannot control.

JamesMadison topcommenter

Idiotic responses to weather. And next week you'll be complaining about global warming. Go buy out the bread and milk. We had drought conditions, and we should be thankful for any form of precipitation.

Tony Merklin
Tony Merklin

Its the arrival of the new Glacier Age.......

Mark Swain
Mark Swain

I rarely believe the forecasts because all stations get it wrong

Paul Burrows
Paul Burrows

I drove an ambulance though six inches of snow in the first week of April in 1980.

Meredith Gabbert
Meredith Gabbert

I was born on March 25 ('79) and my parents almost didn't make it to the hospital because of near blizzard conditions... so unfortunately, yes, I believe them.

Jennifer Krupp
Jennifer Krupp

nope. wait and see. A little too early to predict a snowmageddon.

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