Snowstorm: 20 People Who Officially Hate Missouri Weather (PHOTOS)

spring snow.jpg
Sam Levin
Only in Missouri!

With nothing to do but stay inside and wish there was more food in your fridge, Missourians across the state took to Twitter to vent about just how awful and confusing the climate in the Show-Me state is and just how incredibly cruel the weather gods are to give us this horrible snow on the first weekend of spring -- for some a messy, yucky, frigid end to a spring break that, just a few days ago, seemed so nice!

Daily RFT, also stuck inside, decided to collect the top Tweets from those declaring their official hatred for Missouri or their realizations that Mother Nature is really losing it these days. We feel your pain.

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20. Mother Nature is on crack.

19. Mother Nature is drunk.

18. Open letter to Missouri snow.

17. Time to leave this state behind!

16. So much hate.

Continue for more snow hatred.

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Playing in snow is always a great experience. I don't hate this weather. I like snow, snowfall and playing with it. I just love such weather. Last year I visited Calpe and it was also a great experience. Although snow was not there but it was quite a good experience. 

Zareen Smith
Zareen Smith

We played in the snow, shoveled a bit of it off the walks, shook some of it off the pines so they wouldn't break, then went inside and made homemade chili for dinner. It was nice that it happened on a Sunday. Today I spent another hour and half cleaning off my car so I could get out of the driveway! The only part that sucks is having to go to work. Without that, it would be a total win!

Michael Cook
Michael Cook

I built a snowman with my son, so I'd call that a win.

James Madison
James Madison

"Officially hate" the weather? Is that somehow more than just hating the weather? They are officially hating it? Should that not be classified as "hate speech"? Should we not send child support to remove them from hateful people. If only these people would love the weather. Loving global warming will melt the snow. Let us all "officially" love the weather. After all, "Love is a warm puppy" and millions of warm puppies will help melt the snow.

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