Thousands Sign Petition to Stop Pro-Gun Publicity Stunt Bills: "Get Serious Or Go Home"

What's frustrating to Newman is that these proposals exist only to spread misinformation and scare gun owners, she argues. "This is all about enraging people and enraging your own base.... But polls show that people overwhelmingly want these mandatory background checks on gun sales. It's not the only step and it's a first step."

And as part of a national Moms Demand Action "for gun sense in America" effort, Newman is headed to Washington D.C next week. On Wednesday, she'll be at the White House for a "Moms Take the Hill" event.

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And given the GOP leadership's opposition to gun control legislation in Missouri, her best bet for change may be D.C, she notes (though Missouri has continued to push its bill to block President Obama's gun orders bill as well).

"If the [Missouri] legislature decides that they are not going to take any of these commonsense bills seriously," Newman says, "then our efforts are really on the federal level."

Daily RFT left a message with Representative Leara's office this morning and will update if we hear back.

Here's the full petition.

Stop outrageous pro-NRA Missouri bills making it a felony to propose gun safety legislation.

Why is this important?

This past week Missouri State Rep. Mike Leara (R-St. Louis) proposed legislation: "[a]ny member of the general assembly who proposes a piece of legislation that further restricts the right of an individual to bear arms, as set forth under the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States, shall be guilty of a class D felony."

I am one of those legislators my colleague and the NRA is targeting. Rep. Leara wants me to go to prison with his bill.

Why? I filed a common sense bill calling for closing the background checks loophole in Missouri, almost identical to the proposal called for by the White House and other lawmakers around the country.

Over 2000 people in the U.S. have been killed by firearms to date since the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting...more than 30 lives are killed daily.

Rep. Lear's response? Criminalize legislators, like myself, for standing up against the NRA in Missouri by proposing common sense supported by the majority of citizens.

So why the political games to make it a felony for Missouri legislators to file gun safety bills?

Rep. Lear stated, "I filed HB 633 as a matter of principle and as a statement in defense of the Second Amendment rights of all Missourians". He said, " I want it to be clear that the Missouri House will stand in defense of the people's Constitutional right to keep and bear arms."

We need responsible legislators in Missouri who care about saving lives, not ones who grandstand with the media and play political games just to get on comedy shows.

Get serious or go home.

Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman

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"It is more difficult to go to CVS and buy Sudafed than it is to buy 600 rounds of ammunition online from your computer at home. There is something wrong with that... Every day 8 children in this country are shot and killed, and we have to stop and ask ourselves why are we allowing this to happen."

Listen to this week's interview with Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America, on The Costa Report.

Aubrey L. Cox
Aubrey L. Cox

Sick of people who don't own guns and know nothing about guns trying to tell those of us who do know the subject what we should be allowed!!!

JamesMadison topcommenter

Stop telling representatives of their district what they can or cannot do. Let the legislative process what gets int a bill passed for the governor to sign or not. About the only thing prohibited is the securing of a republic form of government. State's ought not attempt to introduce and pass bills they know are unconstitutional. Let them propose such, then try them for subverting the very Constitution they swore to defend.

James Madison
James Madison

The lawmakers represent their constituents. If those they represent do not like what they do, they are free to elect someone else. One district ought not tell another district who they can or cannot vote to represent them. Stop wasting time complaining about something that is an election campaign issue when there is no election to be campaigning.

Peggy Keller
Peggy Keller

She's right, trying to pass a bill that criminally penalizes anyone for introducing any THING - anti gun or not- infringes on a person's first amendment rights. It should not be taken seriously because it would never hold water if challanged and is a waste of time of money. The person who is introducing it is either too stupid to serve or doing it for attention- neither of which are appropriate for an elected rep. If you are worried about getting jobs in the state, quit electing these fringe candidates that get national attention for being complete idiots and saying stupid shit. The majority of companies that are making profits and hiring- google, deere- apple-amazon etc do not want to build factories in states where this behavior is the norm.

Jeff Powell
Jeff Powell

Lets worry about the debt and getting jobs into MO.

Seymour Justice
Seymour Justice

we already have background checks in stores, just not for person to person sales. i'm neutral on the issue. i can see how we need to keep illegal arms off the streets, but a man wanting to sell his relative/friend a gun shouldn't have to jump through a million hoops either the problem with issues like these is everyone wants one extreme or another, without middle ground. it's a tough call sometimes. still, i believe we need to restrict federal/state power over the power of the individual. we have left it unchecked for far too long. all the laws in the world will not stop evil, only good people can do that if we want to combat violence, we need to spread more love, not more restrictions, not more division. if we want our mental health as a society to get better as a whole, it's time to go after the pharmaceutical companies which advertise drugs that CAUSE psychiatric problems in the first place! childhood is NOT a mental disorder. let's bring some common sense to the debate before turning 100 million gun owners into criminals

Angela Poeling
Angela Poeling

It would be much easier to just not re-elect representatives that file ridiculous bills or bills that fail to enter a committee.

Seymour Justice
Seymour Justice

anyone who introduces legislation that infringes on any of the bill of rights (whether it's freedom of speech, or gun ownership) should be tried for treason. put the authorities and politicians in check first before punishing good citizens with more unenforced laws

Darin Gries
Darin Gries

I don't know anyone for gun control- that's why its bullshit

Barry Bean
Barry Bean

Do anti gun publicity stunts similarly bother you?

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