Washington University: SAE Frat Accused of Racism Says Most in Chapter Didn't Participate

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The national chapter of a Washington University fraternity accused of conducting a pledge activity that involved racial slurs has weighed in on the accusations with a lengthy statement.

In addition to a offering a formal apology, the headquarters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon note that the "overwhelming majority of the chapter did not participate in this incident."

The statement, sent to Daily RFT late Friday afternoon, comes after the Wash. U. frat made national headlines with rumors that pledges had recited racial slurs as part of a rap prank in front of a group of black students.

What's next for the SAE chapter in St. Louis?

The new statement from the SAE headquarters says:

The chapter brothers who had been in charge of the pledge-education program have been suspended until further notice. In addition, a membership review has been requested to ensure the men are in compliance with fraternity expectations and guidelines.

We have strongly encouraged the chapter to partner with other student groups to help further the mission of Washington University. Sigma Alpha Epsilon will not tolerate actions or behaviors that were displayed during Tuesday's incident. We again apologize for any harm or embarrassment this incident may have caused to anyone. All of our members are expected to act as gentlemen and respect the communities in which they live as reiterated in our creed, "The True Gentleman."

The officials note that advisers have "enforced measures" against the individuals responsible and will continue to monitor the chapter. The frat also says that most in the chapter did not participate -- but adds that "their lack of intervention is disappointing as well."

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And the chapter has also issued its own official apology, on view below, that says their actions were "immature."

Wash. U. made headlines last week after news spread online that some SAE pledges had reportedly recited the N word around a group of black students -- as part of a required pledge activity:

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via Facebook

The administration has since suspended the frat and has met with student groups to discuss the next steps.

Continue for the full statement from the SAE headquarters.

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Peggy Keller
Peggy Keller

If it was a pledge activity then the entire frat was represented and the entire frat needs to take responsibility. That's kind of the whole point of "fraternity". In Boston, there is a frat raising money for one member's transgender surgery. In St Louis, they are doing this. It makes the whole city and U look bad.

David Goldstick
David Goldstick

Not everyone may not have participated but you can bet the whole frat was aware and did nothing to stop it. There's a precedent for this type of thing and they should suffer...

Marc Seleman
Marc Seleman

No...by that logic the entire university should be held accountable.

Rick Kohn
Rick Kohn

I think the world needs to take a chill pill.


@Peggy Keller Right.  It makes the whole city look bad: women, children, dogs- all are implicated in the behavior of a handful of privileged frat boys.  They speak for the entire 300,000, we took a vote and everything.

Talk about someone who likes to stereotype. Get over yourself.

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