Trooper the Dog: Benetta Johnson Guilty in Puppy-Dragging Trial, Breaks Down Sobbing

trooper dog 1.jpg
Trooper in recovery.
Last month, we gave you an update on Trooper the Dog, the brave little puppy who was dragged for a full mile on the highway by an unknowing driver. He's recovering quite well and getting a lot of love from fans around the globe.

Today, we bring you the news of the woman responsible for the brutal dragging. Benetta Johnson, 41, was sentenced yesterday in what sounds like a dramatic courtroom trial where the East St. Louis woman tried to explain that she never meant to harm the animal.

"Never in a million years," she said when asked if she intended for the pup to get hurt. "Never in a million years."

Then, she reportedly broke down sobbing.

As we've reported, last November, the puppy, only five-months-old, was tied to a truck that drove off on the interstate for a mile until he pulled over as someone honked him down.

Trooper, as the rescuers eventually named him, was in shock.

benetta johnson mug.jpg
Benetta Johnson.

The driver was not charged and investigators soon traced the incident to Benetta Johnson, the driver's ex-wife, who says she was just trying to return the dog to her ex-husband, but couldn't track him down.

In court, the Post-Dispatch reports, Johnson testified that she and her son had originally put the dog in the bed of her ex's parked pickup, but they were worried that he would jump out or get hurt.

So they tied him to the trailer hitch.

They kept looking for her ex-husband, but he didn't show up, so they left.

1. Trooper, The Cutest Puppy In All of St. Louis.jpg
Team Trooper Facebook

It was cold out and the dog was underweight and suffering from intestinal parasites. Then the man got in the car and drove off.

Continue for details of Johnson's sentencing and for more photos of Trooper.

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