Brian Nieves' Senate Floor Outburst: "Are You Reporters Listening to This?" (VIDEO)

brian nieves senate floor.jpg
Senator Brian Nieves.
"You ain't seen nothing yet."

You better believe it! State Senator Brian Nieves -- who got a lot of attention this week after we reported on his totally insane e-mails to a constituent -- has since delivered a pretty intense speech on the Senate floor about the privacy of concealed-carry permit holders.

If you want to hear Nieves rage about "Governor Jeremiah "Jay" Nixon!" check out the footage below.

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The video, via Progress Missouri, comes from his floor speech on Tuesday and is in regards to accusations that Missouri is collaborating with the federal government to track personal records of concealed-carry owners (an issue which we've covered quite a bit in recent weeks).

The allegations have prompted a high-profile resignation and a policy change from Nixon.

Many Missouri Republicans are not satisfied.

Some firsthand accounts of Nieves' freakout:

And some of the standout quotes from Nieves' speech:

"My God in heaven!"

"This is beyond the point of ridiculousness!"

"Good for you, Mr. Reporter!"

"Are you reporters listening to this?"

"I, right now, am calling upon Governor Jeremiah "Jay" Nixon to fire every single person that had anything to do with this!"

"I'm going to continue to say it...again and again and again!"

"This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my eleven years of serving in this building, and I've seen some pretty disgusting stuff."

Daily RFT reached out to Nieves yesterday to see if he wanted to comment further. We'll update if we hear back.

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Mark Bland
Mark Bland

Its no biggy claim to be the bastion of Liberal/Democratic values and you even right yours stories that way....funny thing is that you only write stories about Tea Party morons and put them on the cover. When are you gonna make your base happy and put me or another Mod/Lib story in your paper.


Is it just me or does everyone else have multiple ads for Schizophrenia research?

Justin N Rachel Hager
Justin N Rachel Hager

He's standing up for his constituents and I think it's all valid. What Nixon did violates Missouri statutes and was illegal. Everyone on here is resorting to name calling which I think shows just how ignorant you all are. This senator is trying to get a reporter to do their job and report the breach of privacy and not spin it to make him look like the crazy one. Nixon is the one who should be shamed not the senator

Kathleen Wilson Griswold
Kathleen Wilson Griswold

Does he live in the same district as Todd Akin? Wow, those voters really know how to pick 'em!

Mark Swain
Mark Swain

Crazy Fuck, and he is representing the people and this country

Christine O'Neill
Christine O'Neill

Does he feel that he's somehow punctuating his point by calling the the Gov. "Jeremiah 'Jay' Nixon" every time he refers to him?

JJ O'Brand
JJ O'Brand

What do you expect from the party of lunatics on the right....?


I'm glad the MO legislature is tackling the hard problems facing the state.  It's a good thing our public schools and roads are in such good shape that they have time to take care of this.  I wouldn't want the Federal Government, especially the Social Security Administration to have my private information such as my Social Security number.

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