Worst Cardinals Fans Ever: Homophobic, Racist, Offensive Tweets Via @BestFansStLouis

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They walk among us.
Are these the worst "best fans in baseball?"

With baseball season in full swing, we've expressed our joy here at Daily RFT with a roundup of really friggin' excited St. Louisans on Opening Day and some photos of the most die-hard Cardinals fans at Busch Stadium.

But we're all about balance, which brings us to the topic of this post: @BestFansStLouis, the Twitter account that retweets the most vile, awful, horrible comments of frustrated Cardinals fans. A public shaming, if you will.

Racism and homophobia below!

The account, with more than 3,000 followers, retweets awful things that Cardinals fans say -- the slurs and obscenities they direct at the other team or sometimes even at their own team when they are not pleased with a game.

If you're offended by racism, homophobia, bad words or bad spelling -- the account also retweets those upset with that "trader" Pujols! -- look away.

Otherwise, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you to the top nineteen worst tweets of the new season:

19. So Many of These

18. More Horrible Choo Eyes Tweets

17. Racism, Homophobia...and More

horrible tweets.jpg

Continue for more horrible, awful Cardinals fan tweets.

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