Opening Day: Craziest Hats, Costumes of Cardinals Fans at Busch Stadium (PHOTOS)

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cardinals fan 1.jpg
Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow
The Cardinals may have suffered a depressing Opening Day loss yesterday, but that's not gonna kill our spirit! (And neither will stupid $10 parking tickets!)

To cure your blues, Daily RFT's has photos of the craziest, most wonderful hats, costumes, props, face-paint designs and more, courtesy of the die-hard Cardinals fans at Busch Stadium yesterday.

We're guessing the upset yesterday won't lessen the unconditional love for these guys. Check out our favorite photos below.

15. Classic

Cardinals fan 15.jpg
Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow

14. Hat on a Hat (on a Hat)

cardinals fan 14.jpg
Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow

13. Pinned-Up Man

cardinals fan 13.jpg
Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow

12. Flushed

cardinals fan 12.jpg
Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow

11. Red Eyes

cardinals fan 11.jpg
Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow

10. The Redcoat

cardinals fan 10.jpg
Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow

9. Iron Cardinal

cardinals fan 9.jpg
Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow

Continue for the rest of the top fifteen Opening Day outfits.

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egolterman topcommenter

Very colorful photos. The Cardinals and Verizon open in April. Open MUNY in May.

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