Opening Day: No Free Parking...And the Police Are Watching You!

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It'll cost ya.
Nothing on Planet Earth can get in the way of having a really awesome Opening Day today, right? Wrong!

Here's a quick public service announcement for you: No more free parking! In the past, the city has offered free parking to fans on the most important day of the year for St. Louis, but apparently, a $72 million looming debt has inspired parking division officials to dump that policy this year...and ticket Cardinals fans who don't pay their meters.

St. Louis metro police also have some warnings for you baseball fans at Busch Stadium today.


When Daily RFT saw this tweet below in our feed, we imagined the first sentence read in a cheery little girl's voice...and then the next sentence read by a deep, scary monster voice. We encourage you to do the same:

Also, maybe try not to bring your guns to the game, guys:

cardinals tweet opening day.jpeg
via Cardinals Twitter
Opening Day.

News of the no-free-parking change comes from the treasurer's office via KMOX:

"I'm not saying I'm not a baseball fan. However, my first obligation is to the taxpayers of the city of St. Louis," Jones tells the station. "You need to feed the meter and if you think you're going to be there longer than two hours, because the downtown meters are two hours, then you need to look at using one of the service lots or parking garages."

Makes sense. (And prior to Jones' arrival, the treasurer's office did apparently waste a lot of money via one pretty corrupt employee, recently sentenced for not showing up to work and stealing public funds).

Also worth noting that the ten-dollar parking ticket isn't that bad and may well be cheaper than a garage anyway.

Go Cards!

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Philip Nations
Philip Nations

Where are we? This is like west Texas speak w/ all the guns I'm not even kidding

Derek Parker
Derek Parker

Don't worry folks. STLPD will keep you safe... like they always do!

Amy R Natoli
Amy R Natoli

Some people carry their guns on their person at all is their right. :)

Amy R Natoli
Amy R Natoli

Well we are a right to conceal/carry yes.

Robert Winkelmann
Robert Winkelmann

But the tyrannical government will come and kill all the Neocons! Drones will bomb them. Armies will over run the stadium!! They must have their guns even when they go to the bathroom!

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

unless you are a criminal, then go ahead and bring your gun.

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