Marijuana: Gary Wiegert's Free-Speech Lawsuit Goes Forward, Sgt. Hopes to Lobby for Reform

Dotson writes in his letter to Wiegert that his application for "secondary employment could not be approved," because he has not produced a business license issued by the city. And he also says that Wiegert failed to include a "detailed explanation" of his duties in his application, beyond "lobbyist activities in Jefferson City."

"Please feel free to resubmit the application at any time," Dotson writes.

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Police Chief Sam Dotson.

Watkins, however, says, "They are completely ignoring the fact that they had already approved him."

Dotson's letter also asks for more specifics and references a section of the official police manual that states:

The Manual does not authorize a member of this Department to engage in any political activity while on duty for which compensation is being paid, or while in uniform that identifies him/her as a member of this Department.

Another section of the manual, Dotson points out, establishes the kinds of prohibited political activity. The letter seems to imply that if Wiegert does get his proper license and can argue that his lobbying work would not be a conflict-of-interest violation of SLMPD code, then he might stand a better chance.

Watkins says that Wiegert got his license immediately, but he argues that it's irrelevant anyway because his lobbyist activities would be in Jefferson City, not St. Louis. And in terms of Dotson's apparent invitation for Wiegert to "resubmit" an application, Watkins reiterates that it was previously approved and revoked and that the department has "created a fiction" by asserting they couldn't approve him.

Now, he's just moving forward with the lawsuit.

Watkins also released this statement in a news release announcing his latest court filing:

It appears that the oppressive actions of the white shirted authorities in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department have brought more attention to the very issue they sought to suppress than it otherwise would have received had Sgt. Wiegert's First Amendment rights not been trampled. That being said, Sgt. Wiegert is a grizzled veteran of the Department who has no intention of permitting the very Constitutional rights he has taken an oath to uphold to be compromised.

Here's Dotson's letter in full.

Letter From Chief Dotson to Sgt. Wiegert

And here's Wiegert's response to the SLMPD motion to dismiss the case.

Response and Memo in Opp to Motion to Dismiss

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Feverish actions from the jackboots. i think they took the same oath to the constitution.


Feverish actions from the jackboots. i think they took the same oath to the constitution.

Tony Merklin
Tony Merklin

What ever happened to the First Amendment ????? That's the Important Amendment, not the Second ......


"What of the cripple who hates dancers? What of the ox who loves his yoke and deems the elk and deer of the forest stray and vagrant things? What of the old serpent who cannot shed his skin, and calls all others naked and shameless? And of him who comes early to the wedding-feast, and when over-fed and tired goes his way saying that all feasts are a violation and all feasters lawbreakers?" 

—Khalil Gibran 

It is the Prohibitionists, a wholly malignant scourge of absolute scoundrels, who are literally strangling the Constitution and starving Freedom to death. And until the Freedom and Constitution of our once proud and prosperous nation is secured, these same prohibitionist parasites, with their promotion of organized crime, murder, terrorism, and economic recession—and who carry with them a disease far fouler than Old Testament leprosy—shall be hunted down, removed from public life, and punished accordingly.

Prohibition is an absolute scourge —The End!  The use of drugs is NOT the real problem, the system that grants exclusive distribution rights to violent cartels, terrorists, and corrupt politicians most definitely IS.

Prohibitionists are simply traitors that haven't yet been Tried and Executed.

James Wright
James Wright

Freedom of speech. If you live the scenario everyday, then you have even more right for input.

Rick Kohn
Rick Kohn

The hypocrisy within the system is insane!

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