Gateway Arch 2015: New Details in Massive Redesign, Museum, Riverfront Plans (PHOTOS)

gateway arch fp.jpg
Courtesy of CityArchRiver 2015
New rendering.
Last night officials with the CityArchRiver 2015 Foundation, the folks behind the massive redevelopment project around the Gateway Arch, unveiled new details of their project -- which they say is on track for completion by October 2015.

The $380 million public-private partnership involves major traffic changes, riverfront improvements, a new museum project for the Old Courthouse, an enhanced bike trail and more.

"This is the front door to St. Louis," Ryan McClure, communications director for the foundation, tells Daily RFT. "It represents our city and everything it is and can be.... People are going to have an entirely new experience that we as St. Louisans will really be proud of."

Newly released renderings and more details on the development below.

Of note, officials announced in a public presentation last night, that the project has targeted October 28, 2015, as the completion date, which is the 50th anniversary of the Arch's construction. Walter Metcalfe, foundation chairman, reported that over half of the components of the projects are fully funded and construction will begin this year.

The effort -- coordinated in partnership with the Great Rivers Greenway, the Missouri Department of Transportation and the National Park Service -- got a boost earlier this month when voters in the city and county voted in favor of Proposition P, a sales tax that will help fund the project and other park and trail efforts in the city and county.

"Everyone is moving toward this common goal and it's a really beautiful thing to watch unfold," McClure says. "This is a transformational project."

Last night, the presenters also offered new details on the planning and design for exhibits at the Museum of Westward Expansion under the Arch.

"We are going to be able to tell the story of westward expansion and the story of St. Louis in this new interactive, engaging way," he says.

Here are some new photos of the museum design, followed by updated riverfront graphics. All photos courtesy of CityArchRiver 2015.

Arch Construction exhibit.jpg

arch dream wall expansion.jpg

Museum Floorplan 1.jpg
Museum floorplan.

courthouse gallery 1.jpg

riverfront exhibit 2.jpg

riverfront image 2.jpg

riverfront redesign 1.jpg

Continue for more renderings.

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egolterman topcommenter

While this 'increased taxes' overkill for cyclists, primarily, and a walk-over that should have been done build to $600 or $700 million over the next five years-'free' Kiel Opera House and MUNY-doesnt cost a dime.These are your 'overnights' stays creators. Always were.

JamesMadison topcommenter

what a complete waste of taxpayers' dollars. Where is the need for any of this? Wouldn't we be better off helping some homeless child? Improving the living conditions of North Saint Louis so children can grown up without fear?

Eric Seelig
Eric Seelig

I would like to see all of the cool stuff that got rejected 2-3 years ago in favor of the "hey, let's move the grass and trees around" plan

Thee Lovingcup
Thee Lovingcup

When's the last time you ventured outside your panic room?

Frankie Z Cammarata
Frankie Z Cammarata

Being a long time resident/property owner in Near North Downtown, I will say this: If they close down 1 more north/south route, before completing Tucker (which has been closed for 4+ years!!!), or the New Mississippi Bridge (which has many streets over here in limbo, the others have just been shut down) I will be very disappointed in the planning of this!! From 1st to 14th all N/S routes have been closed Except for Lenore K, 4th & 10th..... Out of 14 blocks, they have closed, or blocked all the rest!! How exactly are businesses supposed to run.... Ill tell you how.... They are intentionally blighting this area. My family has done business & paid taxes in this neighborhood for over 100 yrs..... Silly me for thinking the ppl that run this city actually give a fuck. I know, heres an idea...... lets cause all the ppl that faithfully stayed in this area to go broke, & then GIVE the whole fkn thing to Mckee!!

egolterman topcommenter

@Thee Lovingcup Nothing Downtown I'm interested in. May be I'n mot alone.

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