Top Twenty Reasons Why Twitter Should Verify The Dorseys, a.k.a the Grandparents of Twitter

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Jack Dorsey in St. Louis last week.
The Twitter campaign of St. Louis residents Tim and Marcia Dorsey has gone completely viral this week -- because, in our humble opinion, it really is a great story. The two are the friggin' grandparents of Twitter, and all they want is for the social-networking site, co-founded by their son Jack Dorsey, to recognize that they really are who they say they are. That's why they've been asking Twitter to verify them with the little checkmark that the site generally reserves for well-known celebs and pols.

But despite the growing pressure, they still aren't verified! Which is why we decided to draw some more attention to, as Mayor Francis Slay has called it, "the plight of Twitter's grandparents."

Below, our top twenty reasons why Twitter must #VerifyTheDorseys. (Spoiler alert: They are the most adorable Tweeters ever.)

20. They Tweet At Each Other, and It's So Adorable

19. They Quote Each Other Talking About Vine

18. Marcia Loves "What Dogs Say" and Retweets @WhatDogsSay All the Time

what dogs say 1.jpg

17. They Support and Appreciate Local Media Attention


15. Marcia Dorsey Has the Best "Good Morning" Tweets

14. They're So Genuinely Supportive of Twitter

13. It Seems Like Marcia Really Just Wants to Be Verified

12. But She's Still Really Humble

11. Their Tweets Are So Simple and Real Sometimes

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