Jevon Mallory Accused of Choking, Attacking Female Student in Meramec Campus Bathroom

via KTVI interview.
Assault victim.
Jevon Mallory, an eighteen-year-old St. Louis Community College-Meramec student, has been charged in the violent and random attack on a fellow student inside a campus bathroom.

The nineteen-year-old victim is now telling her story of a trip to the restroom last week that turned into a horrible nightmare.

"He was trying to kill me," she said in one interview. "I just started screaming. I was on the floor asking him to please stop."

Check out footage of an interview below and more details on the charges against Mallory.

Here's a KTVI (Channel 2) interview with the student, who says she is recovering from the attack on Thursday morning.

According to police, she was washing her hands in a bathroom on the Kirkwood campus when Mallory snuck up her, put her in a headlock -- and tried to cover her mouth.

He "whispered to her to keep quiet," but she screamed, according to reports.

Soon, an instructor came running to the bathroom and intervened. She had been in class at the time.

Jevon Mallory.

The two apparently did not know each other. She suffered bruises and scratches.

The suspect was apprehended but was released soon after. Why?

Continue for details on his arrest and response from St. Louis Community College.

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First of all, this dude has DONE this before. In 8th grade he brought a knife to school like a butcher knife and was trying to kill teachers and students. Hes done it before so I dont understand why they wont lock him up faster, and longer.

Jason Brock
Jason Brock

So campus police released him instead of waiting for local or county to come for pickup? Hhmm.


Look at that grinning fucking N1663R!!!  This shit did not happen in Missouri 50 years ago, because it would not have been tolerated.  We need to bring back the rope and bring these fucking gorillas back under control!

Scott Tyler
Scott Tyler

A: Because he's a good boy and didn't mean to choke her ?

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