Mad Men: Top Twelve Nicknames for Jon Hamm's Dong

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John Hamm and Little John.
In honor of the season premiere of Mad Men last night, we here at Daily RFT wanted to be sure to give some love to local hero Jon Hamm.

And why not do it in the most immature way possible! The St. Louis native has gotten all kinds of attention in the weeks leading up to the much anticipated sixth season -- in large part surrounding the adventures and mishaps of his very abnormally huge penis. At Hamm's humble request, we said we'd try to stop talking about Little John, but with all the chatter last night (everyone had big expectations!) we just couldn't help ourselves.

Below, the RFT staff's top twelve nickname suggestions for Jon Hamm's penis.

(And Jon, we'd like to note, in our defense, that this might help you! If your little guy has his own identity that is more separate from yours, nickname and all, maybe you can distance yourself from the controversy. Blame it on him! As far as we can tell, he's yet to give any interviews).

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12. Hamm And Eggs

Don Draper 1.jpg

11. Hamm Bone

Don Draper 2.jpg

10. Hamm Boner

Don Draper 3.jpg

9. Long John

Don Draper 4.jpg

8. Little John

Don Draper 5.jpg

7. Ham Johnson

Don Draper 7.jpg

Continue for the rest of our nickname suggestions.

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