Mizzou Athletic Department Says "You Can Play" to LGBT Students (VIDEO)

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via mutigers.com
Athletic Director Mike Alden.
If you're a Tiger, you're a Tiger -- and if you can play, you can play!

Such is the message of a newly released promotional video from the University of Missouri's Athletic Department, promoting LGBT rights and diversity on their sports teams.

"The Mizzou Athletics Department strives to provide a safe environment for our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender student athletes," Mike Alden, director of athletics, says in the video. "No individual shall be judged on the court, in the locker room or amongst each other based on their sexual orientation and their gender identification."

"Each of us can be an ally, not only to our teammates, but to everyone," another official says in the promo.

Mizzou tweeted the video out yesterday:

The video comes weeks after news reports speculating that a group of NFL players were considering coming out of the closet in a joint announcement.

mizzou screengrab.jpg

The video is part of the You Can Play Project an initiative to support gay athletes and fight homophobia and bigotry in sports.

Unfortunately, we can't embed the "If You Can Play, You Can Play" video here, but head over to mutigers.com to watch the short promo.

And here are some similar videos that other university athletic departments have recently released:

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Right. Given the violence of many sports figures, you think i'd want to chance putting myself in the close proximity of these athletes, being a transgendered woman. No way, Jose. Nice thought, but in practice, it's just not realistic.

Rachel Webb
Rachel Webb

I can't say whether there is acceptance in the athletic department, but I lived in Columbia for most of the past 15 years. As a community, it's very accepting of LGBT residents. When I was a student, there were resources and support for LGBT students, but the campus appears to have become even more accepting and open over the past decade or so.

Seth Bailey
Seth Bailey

Actually, they probably won't, but thanks for yet another stellar comment, Esteban. That's pretty hilarious how you're a grown-ass man and terrified of gay people though.

Trace Welsh
Trace Welsh

Odd, since Mizzou's softball team has always had a large lesbian roster

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

before you know it they'll be saying uniforms without rhinestones is a hate crime.

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