Schnucks: Massive Credit Card Security Breach May Have Impacted 2.4 Million People

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Schnucks has been compromised.
If you shop at Schnucks, you may want to triple-check that your credit-card information was not stolen in what is looking like a fairly massive security breach.

Officials with Schnuck Markets announced today that 2.4 million credit and debit cards used at 79 of its 100 stores may have been compromised. You read that right: 2.4 million.


In a news release, on view below, officials say that credit cards may have been impacted from this "cyber attack" anywhere between December of last year and March 29 of this year. The company also offers a fairly handy FAQ section that addresses your panicky questions like "Will my identity be stolen?!?" and more.

Schnucks says the card number and expiration date could have been accessed through this breach -- but not a cardholder's name or address or other identifying information.

The company has posted a full list of stores impacted and the dates they may have been compromised.

Schnucks has also posted a timeline of its actions and a video message from Scott Schnuck, the company's CEO and chairman:

The company says it is working with its payment processor to ensure that potentially affected card numbers are sent to credit card companies so they can continue sending alerts to banks. Those banks could then take steps to protect cardholders, with enhanced transaction monitoring or reissuing a card if needed.

Schnucks says many banks have already taken those steps.

Continue for comments from Schnuck and more details on the breach.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

There is no 100% safe security system; however, I believe Schnucks has done everything possible to minimize the risk. My bank called to inform me I'll be getting a new card. There is no issue as long as you monitor the charges to your card and report false charges. I believe Schnucks is guarding their databases now better than ever. There is probably no time safer to shop at Schnucks with a credit card.

Hopefully, law enforcement will catch the hackers, and punishment will be to crawl on their knees from door to door apologizing, then be locked away from society for good... oh, and let's not be stupid and give them internet access in jail.

Kelli C Raven
Kelli C Raven

our company card was hacked shortly after a trip to Schnucks.

Terry Burk
Terry Burk

I smell a foul class action suit where only the lawyers win.

Justice Rising
Justice Rising

jeez. iam glad i didn't become a schnucks card holder

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