St. Louis Police: Woman Found Lifeless on Bike Trail, Officials Call it a "Suspicious Death"

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Bike trail.
An unnamed woman was found "lifeless" on a St. Louis bike trail just after 3 a.m. this morning -- and was pronounced dead on the scene, police say.

She has not yet been identified and police are still investigating the cause of death pending autopsy results.

She was found on the 1200 block of Lewis Street, which is near the Mississippi riverfront near downtown St. Louis.

As of this writing, police have few details.

They say the woman is an unknown white female and they've classified the incident as a "suspicious death."

via Google Maps

Here's the full alert from SLMPD. We'll update when there's more information.

Incident: Suspicious Death
Location: 1200 block of Lewis
Date/Time: 4/24/13 @ 03:04
Victim: Unknown white female
Suspect: Unknown
Officers responded to a call at the above location for a victim found lifeless on the bike trail. The victim was pronounced deceased on the scene. The victim is not yet identified and cause of death has not been determined and pending autopsy results. The investigation is ongoing.

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James Wright
James Wright

Please county folk, make fun of the city some more.

Dustin Freiburghaus
Dustin Freiburghaus

I ride downtown all the time. This women may have been a resident of Hopeville, USA.

Jeff Willett
Jeff Willett

Didn't say she was riding a bike, I doubt anyone went riding in the cold rain at 2-3 am last night.

Mark Sauer
Mark Sauer

The MRT is actually amazing. Don't knock it til you try it. Riding it at 3 am not so much.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

because going bike riding downtown sound like an awesome idea.

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