Man "Randomly Slashing" Strangers With a Box-Cutter On the Loose in St. Louis?

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This is the kind of really random crime that may make you want to just stay inside.

St. Louis metro police say that an unknown male walked up to a bus stop near Fairground Park this week and began "randomly slashing a box-cutter at the individuals at the stop."

The authorities got word of the incident from a 49-year-old woman who was there at the time -- and lived to tell the tale. But not without injuries.

Police say that the incident took place at the 4300 block of Natural Bridge Avenue around 9 p.m. on Monday.

The woman who reported the incident told police that a black male walked up to the stop and started slashing.

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via Google Maps

She suffered a cut on the side of her head, police say, and was eventually taken to a nearby hospital. She was listed in critical, but stable condition.

At this point, it appears that there are few details on a possible suspect. The investigation is ongoing.

Here's the full report from SLMPD.

Incident: Assault 1st (Cutting)
Location: 4300 block of Natural Bridge
Date/Time: 04/01/13 @ 21:00
Victim(s): 49-year old black female
Suspect(s): Unknown black male
Victim stated she was standing at the bus stop located at the above address when a black male walked up to the bus stop and began randomly slashing a box-cutter at the individuals at the bus stop. The victim suffered a cut on the side of her head and was conveyed to a local hospital and listed in critical/stable condition. The investigation is ongoing.

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James Madison
James Madison

Where are the politicians lining up to ban box cutters? Waiting periods and background checks mandatory.

Eric Hall
Eric Hall

Which "every time" and "everyone?" You must read a lot.

Micah Wall
Micah Wall

I love how every time another "random stabbing" or "random shooting" happens everyone is quick to jump on the it's an isolated case bandwagon. It's a problem folks.

Barry Bean
Barry Bean

When will we have common sense box cutter control?

Steve Pants
Steve Pants

It's herd, Eric. Newsin' is the herdest thing in the whole wide worlde totally.

Eric Hall
Eric Hall

You imply it's a frequent occurrence, but it only happened once, and you say "strangers" in it's plural form, but there was only one victim and she's the only one saying it was random, but it's likely she was the target, since no one else around was injured, right? Is newsin' that hard?

Eric Farlow
Eric Farlow

Esteban you are the king of moronic irrelevant politicking.

Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon

Maybe we should put him and the knockout kings kids in a room and let them go at it.

Kaeley Shields
Kaeley Shields

St Louis is the highest crime town in the U.S. beating out Detroit... what do you expect?

Pete McAuliffe
Pete McAuliffe

Sorry about that everybody..... I was just horsing around. (Sandusky Defense)

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

is that an assault box-cutter? we should totally ban those.


@Eric Hall Thats what I was wondering Eric, the title of the article is misleading and implies plurality of victims yet shes the only one who came forward. In the article the author does say that the man :" began randomly slashing a box-cutter at the individuals at the stop." so who knows? I think it could have been stated more clearly. It's possible she was the target, but just as possible that the attacker was mentally ill and lashing out at people in general based on fantasies in his mind. (e.g. societal retaliation, transference-motivated victim selection in which the offender attacks people who share similar characteristics with someone in his daily life, or from his past which upset him etc.) Some are victims not for who they are, but for whom they resemble and represent in the offenders mind.

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