Photos: Top Twelve Worst Crimes in St. Louis, March 2013

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preston freeman crime victim.jpg
Preston Freeman, shooting victim.
In the city of St. Louis, there have been 27 homicides so far this year and the month of March was no stranger to gun violence.

But in the metro area, in addition to a string of violent crimes, there have also been some notably bizarre criminal acts -- the you-can't-make-this-stuff-up kind of news reports, everything from a really hungry ice cream thief to a fake penis user.

Check out our round-up below of the top worst crimes in St. Louis over the last thirty days.

12. The Ice Cream Junkie

ice cream junkie 1.jpg
St. Charles resident Andrew Steven Jung, 24, did not hurt anybody, but still got quite a lot of attention for his alleged crime -- in part because he told cops he was an "ice cream junkie."

Even if his crime wasn't all that violent, we couldn't ignore Jung in our March round-up. Police say he broke into a church, stole some ice cream and was found wandering a few blocks away.

Covered in ice cream.

Full story: Police: Intoxicated "Ice Cream Junkie" Steals Church Desserts, Found Covered in Ice Cream

11. The Whizzinator: Man Caught With Fake Penis

whizzinator image 5.jpg
Sydney Levin also did not hurt anyone with his crime -- but he too did get a lot of attention.

That's because police say he was caught using a fake penis called the Whizzinator to pass the drug test, prompting us at Daily RFT to do some in-depth research on what exactly the Whizzinator is. Based on Levin's experience, we're guessing, it is not all that reliable!

Full story: Whizzinator: St. Charles County Man Allegedly Used Prosthetic Penis For Mandatory Drug Test

Continue for more March 2013 crimes in St. Louis.

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I have a Whizzinator!! Don't need it anymore now that I'm retired, but it got me through a lot of piss tests on various construction jobs, and it worked great! From what I hear, they are now illegal" (???) and no longer available for sale. Pretty sad that, #1- You have to take a drug test to work in a job that you already risk your life for, and #2- the "authorities" can manipulate the laws to make what ever they don't like a crime. What a joke. Take clean pee into a drug test in any other carrier (visine bottle, condom, etc.) and it's not mentioned, but find an innovative, useful container that helps you keep a job, and you're a criminal. Can't wait til they legalize marijuana!!


Not sure if cars into car is as bad as them misspelling alley with ally. 

Adam Usher
Adam Usher

Can't wait to see what happens this month :/

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