Webster U.'s Chess Championship: Saddest Sports Spectacle Ever? [PHOTOS]

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final four generic.jpg
The view from that other Final Four.
Some things are best left unseen, like catching your grandpa naked or eying the kitchen at what -- until that moment -- had been your favorite budget restaurant.

The same could be said for the "Final Four" of collegiate chess. When we wrote about Webster University's participation in the event last week, we pictured something akin to college basketball's annual championship -- albeit on a much smaller scale. We had no idea how small, however, until the pictures started rolling in over the weekend via the Twitter feed of Webster's coach Susan Polgar.

This one came with the teaser, "Spectators on their feet. Time pressure coming soon."

spectators on their feet.jpg
Yes, the spectators (all eleven of them!!) are on their feet because there is no place to sit. And where the hell are they playing this Final Four anyway? A basement call center?

Then came the following, promising "hot and heavy action down the stretch."

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some things are better left unread, like when your grandpa writes a sports column...


Looks like these pictures were taken with a flip phone, and the last one edited with Microsoft Paint. This article is a sad spectacle of journalism.

Carla Scuzzo
Carla Scuzzo

Hilarious! Making fun of the chess team! Now *that* is just original wit at it's best.

Brewneaux Welldone
Brewneaux Welldone

Typical, make fun of what is over your head. Shame shame. Why don't you do something more your speed and have a naked chess tournament? The skill won't be there but it will produce great pics for your web-site. Oh was it supposed to be humor?. Oops try again.

James Bragado
James Bragado

And the RFT continues its odd slant over the past year of downing St. Louis with "worst of" lists, "most overated" contests, and picking on St. Louis specific events. Anyone else think the RFT has turned tabloid?


I just dont understand why you have to shit all over everything Chad

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