St. Louis Protesters Rally Against Allowing Gay Boy Scouts: "We Are Not Out To Discriminate"

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"The Boy Scouts are being pressured to change by certain factions, but there are plenty of other factions within the Boy Scouts [who disagree]," says Briggs-Harty, a former Cub Scout den leader, whose sons have been members of the Boy Scouts at different times. Her husband is also a leader.

She says it's a concern of religious freedom to her as well. "It increasingly makes it tough for people of faith to speak out about things they believe."


She says that she does know people who support the policy change.

"It's a really emotional issue, and we understand that," she says. "It's very much a divisive issue."

Here's the full statement from the Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boys Scouts of America to Daily RFT:

• We value the freedom of everyone to express their opinion.

• We teach our members to be courteous and respectful at all times.

• Recently, the Boy Scouts completed the most comprehensive listening exercise in its history, gathering perspectives from inside and outside of the Scouting family.

• Based on this feedback, the Boy Scouts of America wrote a resolution for consideration which maintains the current membership policy for all adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America and would remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone. This resolution does not, in some way, prevent kids who sincerely want to be a part of Scouting from experiencing this life-changing program and to remain true to the long-standing virtues of Scouting. The 1,400 voting members of the National Council will vote on this proposal on May 23.

• Some people involved in Scouting and other have expressed their disagreement with this single policy, or this proposed change, in a variety of ways. We respect everyone's rights to express an opinion, and we believe our disagreements are minor compared to our shared vision and common goals. While people have different opinions about this policy proposal, they can all agree that kids are better off when they are in Scouting. Going forward, we will work to stay focused on that which unites us.

• Our Council follows the policies of the Boy Scouts of America.

And the letter from OnMyHonor.Net.

Open Letter to BSA Delegates Apr 29 2013

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