Cardinals: Sports Illustrated Cover Draws On 1968 Lou Brock, Roger Maris, Bob Gibson Photo

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Calling all of the Best Fans In Baseball! Take a break from your intense soccer bashing, avert your eyes from the permanent destruction at Busch Stadium for some stupid exhibition game and looky here!

Cardinal Nation has got some intense loving on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.

"Injuries? Superstar Free-Agent Losses? Nothing slows baseball's model organization... Past, Present and Future."


Here's the full image of this week's cover:

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As you looong-time fans may recall, the image is inspired by an October 7, 1968 cover of Sports Illustrated, which featured Roger Maris, Tim McCarver, Bob Gibson, Mike Shannon and Lou Brock.

Here's a neat side-by-side, via Sports Illustrated:

via (Todd Rosenberg, Neil Leifer/SI)

Read more about the covers at Sports Illustrated. Here's a larger version of that original cover:


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i'm glad you showed me the photo of the saint louis cardinals. from what i saw last night when they were up against kansas city. a game they should of won by 5, they looked like a bunch of worthless bums.

Soy Sauce Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce Soy Sauce

The old photo is better. Why cut off the hands of your starting pitcher in a photo? Makes no sense.

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