"Charles Ramsey For President" T-Shirt Now On Sale In St. Louis Baked T's Shop (PHOTOS)

Sam Levin
Because...why not?
So this exists.

St. Louis' Baked T's store has jumped on the Internet hysteria around Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland hero who helped rescue three women who had reportedly been held captive for more than a decade.

Ramsey gave a now viral interview with local media, during which he said, "I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms."

Which brings us to Baked T's in the Delmar Loop, which designed this t-shirt and yesterday displayed it in the store window. More photos below.

Here's Drew Raskas, a senior graphic designer at Baked T's, holding up the product he designed:

Sam Levin

"It was just a random idea," he tells Daily RFT. "I would buy it."

The store's t-shirts inspired by the viral "Ain't nobody got time for that" interview -- from a woman who escaped a fire -- did really well, Raskas says.

And this is a similar theme.

"It's the concept of a lighter thing in a darker moment," he says.

Sam Levin
On display.

He says he and his coworkers tossed around the idea of referencing Ramsey's "big testicles" quote, but thought "Charles Ramsey For President" might be...a little more appropriate.

And will shoppers like it?

"I'm hoping so," he says.

Sam Levin

Sam Levin
Baked T's at 6368 Delmar Boulevard.

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Daniel Stout
Daniel Stout

This is terrible! When will white people stop being entertained by poor black men looking ridiculous?

Jim Pachan
Jim Pachan

He wasn't even the first one on the scene...Angel Cordero was.

Justin N Rachel Hager
Justin N Rachel Hager

He's a convicted felon so I guess he would fit right in the political scene.


Sending any proceeds his way? No, didn't think so.

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