Photos: 12 Worst St. Louis Crimes, April 2013

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In the city of St. Louis, there have been a total of 30 murders reported this year so far and April kicked off with two violent homicides that claimed the lives of local women.

In addition to some incidents of particularly violent crime, in the St. Louis metro area, there was also a handful of truly absurd alleged criminal acts -- everything from drunk showering in the wrong home to bizarre news station harassment to an angry handyman's hammer attack.

Check out our summaries below of the most violent -- and the most strange -- local crime stories of the last 30 days.

12. The Online Date Gone Wrong

This cautionary tale about meeting strangers online comes from St. Louis County where a woman went on a date with a man she met on the Internet -- who then reportedly came over to spend the night.

When she woke up, she told police, he was gone. And her car keys were missing, too. And her car.

Full story: County Police: Man Meets Woman Online, Goes to "Spend the Night With Her," Steals Her Car

11. Angry Handyman's Alleged Hammer Attack

The police report about a handyman attacking a former customer with a hammer just gets weirder and weirder as it progresses. Police say that after one man attacked another, they both pulled out their guns.

Then they started firing at each other.

Full story: Angry Handyman Launches Hammer Attack That Turns Into Gun Fight, St. Louis Police Say

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