Child Pornography: Daniel Albright, 39, Posed Online As Teen, Solicited Pics of Girls, Cops Say

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Madison County
Daniel Albright, 39.
Highland resident Daniel Albright is 39-years-old -- but online, he pretended he was a teenager.

At least those are the charges out of Madison County sheriff's office, which says that Albright solicited young girls throughout the country to send him naked photos.

Last fall, the sheriff's office computer forensics' division received a tip that a man in Illinois was asking high school girls in California to send him naked images, and when police recently searched his home, they say they found proof.

The sheriff's office says that he was "posing as a teenage male and utilizing social networks to befriend high school age females throughout the United States."

After receiving tips about him, investigators got a search warrant and went to his Highland home. There, they seized and analyzed "digital media from Albright, which was found to contain numerous images of child pornography."


Investigators tracked down one of the victims, who they say was a seventeen-year-old girl from West Virginia. He allegedly befriended her online through a "social network," police say.

The man was arrested this week and taken into custody. He is facing four felony charges of child pornography and his bond has been set at $100,000.

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Gern Blanston
Gern Blanston

First guy EVER to do this! Can't believe it! Glad they caught him...the internet is safe now.

Jillian Ashley
Jillian Ashley

At some point we need to start letting people take responsibility for themselves also. The girl is 17 and obviously stupid.

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

^ said by a guy that has "school for naughty girls" on his profile photo.

Jeff Willett
Jeff Willett

Somebody needs to investigate Esteban...

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

meh. the girls willingly sent the photos. not like he forced them to.

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