Abortion: Would GOP Bill Make It Harder For Missouri Women To Access Services?

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Gianino says this added requirement is not needed.

"We shouldn't have politicians pretending to be physicians," she says, arguing that there is no medical justification for this proposal and that women are already given very specific instructions and education about the various steps involved.

And it's actually preferable that women are not traveling during the second part of the process.

"We want women...in the privacy of their home," she says.

If made into law, some women might have no choice but to avoid it altogether.

"I have no doubt that this would take that option away from some women," she says.

Here's the draft bill.

HB 400

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Republicans LOVE abortion. That's their little cottage industry - talking it up, scaring people, increasing the divisiveness in the country, getting you to vote on this one issue and taking your money. Without out it voters would see what their policies really are about - giving the rich the rest of your money and letting Big Business destroy the middle class by shipping the GOOD jobs overseas with tax breaks. The WAR ON WOMEN will go on unabated until they are thrown out.


@jumpinjezebel     I'm so grateful for your comment.  What this article fails to describe is why these politicians are doing this in the first place.  It's also noteworthy that this bill was not a hard fight as it has received a super-majority in both the House and Senate.

The bill is being put into place to avoid the horrible system in Iowa that allows doctors to meet with these women over a computer web-cam.  After a brief conversation with this doctor who could be anywhere in the country he presses a button opening a drawer that dispenses this very strong drug.

With any strong drug there can be complications, and if this woman requires further medical examination or treatment she will be forced to go to an Emergency Room rather than to the doctor that first prescribed this medication.

This law is being put in place to protect Missouri citizens from this practice that has been implemented in other states, thus the overwhelming support in both chambers of congress.

Brian Westbrook

Here is another story on this subject from a different angle.

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