Marijuana: Springfield Politicians Again Reject Pot Reform Law, Activists Consider Lawsuit

"You have a right to petition your government," Payne says, arguing that Springfield leaders can't just block this issue from even getting a vote when supporters have collected the necessary signatures.

Springfield Cannabis Regulation, a local affiliate to Show-Me Cannabis, could lead a suit against the city. Payne says the groups are currently in discussion.

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John Payne of Show-Me Cannabis.

"A lot of politicians are just afraid," Payne says. "They see the policy arguments for changing it but they are stuck in this idea that drugs are bad and we have to send a message to kids.... You are arresting a large chuck of every new generation. That's not really an effective message."

(Daily RFT left messages with the Springfield mayor, city attorney and a council member who has opposed these reforms; we'll update if we hear back).

Of a potential lawsuit, Burlison says, "I think their claims are justified."

Speaking of current marijuana policies, he says, "I just think it's borderline insane to keep Prohibition Era-type politics in place."

Supporters of reforms -- whether minor reforms or full legalization -- argue that current laws against pot create an unnecessary drain on limited law enforcement resources and are hypocritical given society's treatment of alcohol, a more harmful substance.

"I would hope that down the road, we would just get rid of any restrictions on cannabis products and hemp products," Burlison says.

Marijuana has proven to be an important medicine for some disorders and diseases, he argues.

"I'm even hesitant to call it a substance," he says. "It's a plant product that's safer than alcohol."

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We're and when can I vote and what kind of vote is needed to get the council to hear the people and what we want to happen ? We are the mugirity and we pay them to tell us what is and what is not right and wrong .. I fell that if we pass this it can help in so meany was and not just for us ,, but the state and crime even the government with all the shut downs and even the money needed to Cuvier medical resurch for all kinds of things and even help fund school bills that still to this day are in default in some form ... We can do some thing so way don't we at lest try to fix this so we can show our kids that we do care about there future and how we look at our self and them just like we are teaching them as good parents ... Every one has a choice in how they live life and as long as we respect each other and have compaction for our loved ones then I fell that this is no different then what we teach our kids as parents and good law biding people in this community that we try to better each day ... How is this any different then how alcohol started and became what it is to day and how people look at it and even the government ,,that we the people put in office to be fair and just to everyone no matter what the topic is about ......


Great work on the part of the author, putting this is the"Puff puff pass" category of news coverage.  Drug War heathens will do anything to keep their budgets, right out of the Anslinger playbook of 1930.  The 1 trillion dollar a year war on drugs doesn't work, when will people realize reform is needed?  CCA, the privatized prison corporation is spending millions to keep pot illegal, I wonder why?  I bet it is out of concern for our safety.  Follow the money idiots!


Sue the living crap out of them, there is no way this lunacy is legal. They àte making a mockery out of the democratic process. The law says approve it or put it to a vote. They are trying to do an end around democracy. I've never seen such a blatant violation of everything this country was built on in my life. People fought and died for our freedoms and democracy, some glorified home owners association cannot be allowed to urinate on our way of life with impunity. If this madness is allowed to stand, we might as well rip up the constitution, stop voting, and obey our lords and kings.

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