Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Which Space Saga Reigns Supreme?

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Hand-held weapon: lightsaber vs. phaser

Star Wars: Jedi and Sith alike use lightsabers for offense and defense. These weapons of blazing light primarily resemble swords, but variations such as double-bladed lightsabers, shotos and lightwhips exist, as well. Lightsabers cut through most objects without much resistance, and their light beams can deflect enemy fire. The blades make a distinct hum alone and crackle loudly when knocked against another lightsaber. Their color depends on the focusing crystals used during the construction of the weapon.

Star Trek: Phasers shoot beams of energy and can stun, kill or disintegrate an enemy. They're often mounted on ships, but hand-held phaser guns of all types are most recognizable. Phaser beams can cut through rock and spacecraft, may be widened or focused and emit a marked whistle or hum depending on their settings. Beam color may change when the resonance frequency is adjusted.

Point: Star Wars, because lightsabers can defend as well as kill.


Know-it-all: C-3P0 vs Spock

Star Wars: BFFs with R2-D2, droid C-3P0 is fluent in over six million forms of communicaiton. He's called upon when diplomacy and knowledge about cultural customs are needed, and he often scouts terrain and enemies with R2. Ol' Goldenrod is a math whiz, and he'll happily tell you the odds of a mission's success.

Star Trek: Spock is Kirk's best (and most confounding) friend. The pointy-eared Vulcan is logical almost to a fault and provides the best "outsider's" viewpoint to his captain. He usually solves problems with astounding intelligence, but he's not above using the Vulcan Nerve Pinch or pretending to be "Spocko" to outwit a bunch of gangsters.

Point: Star Trek, because logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.

Up next: spaceships and destruction.

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